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The best kept secret in music


"Party In Kingston"

Somehow even when I'm supposed to be somewhere else I end up at a strip club. Let me explain ... I was at a friend's place when I got a call from my band's former lead guitarist to come over and have a few beers and possibly lay down a vocal track on some solo material that he had been working on. I told my friends that I would be back in a couple hours and was on my way.

I did not return.

After beers and whatnot the former stringman and myself decided to head down to The Shaker's Lounge.

By the time we arrived at the bar Revmatic and Liz Ticket had already played.But thankfully we did not miss headliners Licence To Whore.

LTW whipped through a short but intense set with pure punk rock fury. I had not seen the band before although I had meant to many times after hearing so much about them. Paminatrix the bands sultry lead singer was swinging around "the pole" and nabbing bills off of males crotches after they hopped up on stage all without missing a note.

Guitarist Ricky Peacefire got involved as well grabbing money from a female with his teeth while playing a guitar solo. Musicians take note of this. Licence To Whore put on a show for the crowd that came to see them. They didn't get up on stage and do their impression of a pylon. They were hired to entertain and that's what they did. Stage presence is sometimes even more important than musicianship. Not that Licence To Whore can't play.

To boot the band only played one cover song, their punkified version of Concrete Blonde's "Joey"( which was absolutely killer by the way ). It's a shame to go out and watch good musicians play none of their own songs. So my hat goes off to Licence To Whore for not only these things but for getting the idea of music in The Shaker's Lounge moving again. Rock and strippers go together like bacon and eggs and I'm glad to see that Licence To Whore helped The Shaker's Lounge remember that.

- Kasey Ferguson

"Party In Kingston (CD Review)"

Assume The Position is the first release from Kingstonian punk rockers Licence To Whore. Looking for a bullshit free slice of punk rock? Read On.

L.T.W. didn't candycoat their album with lush production or toned down attitude. Assume The Position is a raw and uncompromising slice of punk rock......and you gotta love the cover.The back of the CD sports a nice ass shot of the "cover girl" for all the drooling lads out there. But anyway the album itself will be a delight for fans of organic punk rock. I think the albums highlight is Licence To Whore's punked up rendition of Concrete Blonde's "Joey"'s amazing how good of a punk song "Joey" becomes when performed with Licence To Whore's punk rock conviction.

One of the things I really like about Licence To Whore's debut disc is the "fuck the masses" attitude that seems to be pressed right into the cd. It doesn't sound like Licence to Whore gives a fuck whether you like them or not. I like that. That my friends is what punk is about.

Paminatrix and company have churned out one of the most refreshing and ultimately honest records I have heard in sometime. Check them out live though to truly feel these songs. You'll see what I'm talking about.

- Kasey Ferguson


Assume the Position EP (2003)

1. GFP
2. Lost Again
3. Fixed
4. Wullet Mig
5. Joey


Feeling a bit camera shy


The legend of Licence to Whore began at the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sultry singer Paminatrix met bass player Jaro after a dispute over a nickel slot machine jackpot, leading to a rather violent altercation which landed both of them in Vegas County Jail. After posting bail, the duo found themselves both penniless with no way to return to their beloved Canada. They soon realized they had a common love of punk rock, and decided on forming a band to earn enough money to make it back home. Drummer Pamela was found gigging every Tuesday with a Christian Fundamentalist rockabilly band whose name is lost within history at The Roasting Swine Tavern. She was kidnapped by her soon-to-be bandmates and forced to play their brand of punk with extra loud cowbell. Now only needing a guitarist, the story goes that the band quite literally stumbled upon him. The fledging band found Mexican thrash guitar legend Ricky Peacefire unconscious in front of the Flamingo Hotel, guitar in one hand and a 40 of Old English in the other, muttering about fighting Carlos Santana and a rottweiller. Two rehearsals later found the band playing local adult entertainment bar Fanny's for $20 a night. After three shows, the band decided to borrow the club manager's '77 Dodge to drive back to Canada. 4000 kilometers, two high-speed chases, and thirty-six 40s of JD later, the foursome found their way back to Kingston, Ontario ready to spread their brand of swanky, sweaty punk rock.

LTW is a raunchy good time live; mixing catchy old school punk with sexy and wild stage antics. The band has recently completed their first EP, a self produced effort entitled “Assume the Position” which charted on CFRC 101.9 FM radio for their punked out cover of Concrete Blonde’s “Joey” and produced their hit single “Lost Again” that became the most downloaded song on for eight weeks straight. The band has shared the stage with acts like Artemis Records’ Nashville Pussy, Vagrant Record’s Moneen, G7 Welcoming Committee’s Warsawpack, and exotic dancers at Shaker’s Lounge in Kingston. The band was also responsible for organizing the rock festival with the greatest name ever “BOOZAPALOOZA”; which featured 10 local acts and had over 700 fans attend. In a few short months Licence To Whore has become one of Kingston’s most notorious bands; having earned a loyal following for their chaotic collection of sex, booze and punk rock energy.