Lick Lick

Lick Lick


Songs that strut by, give you a flirty wink, then kick you in the shins. Girl power, boy bravado. Epic guitar, organ growl.


Lick Lick are the legitimate sons and daughters of the illegitimate sons and daughters of Devo, Black Sabbath, and assorted deadbeat dads of prog rock. Formed in Austin, TX, in 2006, and featuring members of Brown Whornet, Les Saucy Pants, Middlefinger, 30ftFALL, and the Fence Cutters, Lick Lick manage to embrace their love of power chords, off-kilter changes, feedback, twang, and new wave throb, while still churning out a satisfying, steamy slab of rawk.


Australian Cattle God #019. Available via rhapsody ( and 120 other online methods. Confirmed radio play on over 120 stations nationwide.

Set List

all original, mostly from the record, although we work about 5-7 other newer songs into many sets.