Lickpenny Loafer

Lickpenny Loafer


Lickpenny Loafer is a Toronto based 3-piece band. Their brand of rock is melodic and rhythmically progressive. The songs are well written and well sung. There is occasional chanting. Their music is driving and expressive.


As usual, day jobs got in the way of something good.

Lickpenny Loafer is the result of years of songwriting collaboration between Arunachal and Devin which began while in university. Brandon filled them out on drums and the band cut their teeth playing a range of covers, from Al Green to The Smiths, to appreciative crowds.

Two engineers and an actuary make up this Toronto 3-piece. 4 years after graduation the lies have been exposed and the band has come together again with a renewed passion.

The music wears the "rock" label but leans more to the progressive side of the spectrum. The band builds its reputation upon expressive melodies and rhythmic precision. Their live show is captivating even without the costume changes.

Lickpenny Loafer is currently having a great time rehearsing and writing music together. Their fan base in Toronto is loyal and growing with each show.

LPL's goal is to watch that growth continue with more frequent and diverse shows. It's time to be heard.


"Ryerson Comes Alive!" - 2004
"Two Nights at the Horseshoe" - 2005

Set List

In Retrospect
The Haunt
The Sweetist Things In Life
Climbing Trees
People In Cars
Missed Kiss
Could This Ever Be My Love?
My Generation
The Thinker
Lucrative Offer
Beware The Sirens
The Train Wait