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Lickpenny Loafer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
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In all honesty, there’s nothing nicer than putting on a new and unknown disc and hearing something pleasing and interesting. Toronto’s Lickpenny Loafer has a sound that is quite different, built upon contrasting styles so that you find yourself listening to something that is progressive and retro all in one. This is a disc that will keep you on your toes, and tantalize your ears.

The base of this TO based group has been together for 10 years, and this is their second release. Arunachal and Devan Hannan are a writing core that isn’t to be trifled with. The group has worked hard and everyone has brought something of themselves to the finished product.

The vocals of Arunachal are far from displeasing. He has a voice that you can listen to for quite some time before it becomes tired and dull. He successfully emotes the energy of the track and captures it perfectly for the listener.

According to the bio notes, “This musical collaboration is the combination of two very different and personal journeys. Arunachal was born in Calcutta, India, into a South Indian household that was passionate about classical (carnatic) music. Raised in a family of singers, he began devouring music as a toddler when his grandmother, a composer, would regularly keep him with her as she developed her compositions. She would write in a focused trance while he would sit on her lap chewing through sari after sari. This was how Arunachal learned to eat music.”

“Devin Hannan made his first guitar out of a 2×4, nails and elastic bands at the age of 11. After a year of trying to make music out of toolshed castaways, his father finally granted him a real guitar on his 12th birthday. From the start, he totally committed himself to studying, discovering, and playing the blues. B.B. King, Muddy Waters, and Robert Johnson would be his first great teachers, before Jimi Hendrix provided the segue into the world of rock.”

The disc opens with a song titled after one of the bloodiest monarchs ever, “King Henry VIII.” The chorus has a unique blend of melody and lyrics that actually go hand in hand: “You got me feeling alive… feeling alive.” Arunachal’s vocals offer up a taste of styles in just one track, leaving you wanting more.

I liked the piano work on “The End of the Fair.” It was almost an ethereal listening experience. Just the piano blended with the vocals, yet it was a strong piece. Lyrics with just a hint of fairytale added, romantic and hopeful. It’s a memorable piece.

“In Our Time” has a melody like gently falling rain that provides a moving background for Arunachal’s voice. Offset by the bass backing vocals of Stephen Skratt, it’s an interesting and very short piece. Just under two minutes in length, the focus is people talking about this time. It’s an interesting layered contrast.

I’d have to say that this is a disc that won’t be for everyone, but for those who like a little experimentation, and a lot of talent, then you have to give Lickpenny Loafer a listen!

Article by: Naomi De Bruyn
- Linear Reflections, The Review Site

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The musical and emotional climax of this Toronto band's debut EP recalls the almost palpable ache of "Coming Home" by City and Colour, but also evokes the late Kevin Gilbert who, apart from co-writing a good chunk of Sheryl Crow's Tuesday Night Music Club, pursued his urbane pop muse in the form of jazzy introspection such as "Tea for One." Words of wisdom: "A dream that slips away/Leads to a life of slow decay." (From Lickpenny Loafer, - Toronto Star


People Will Talk (Jan 2011) [full length album]
Introducing Lickpenny Loafer EP (2007)



"It is time to take this flight / Knowing that the hour is ripe
I got this feeling that we'll run away / ...Feed the need
There's freedom in a fool's release..."

Lyrics from “Bonded,” Lickpenny Loafer’s first recorded song...

The bright energy and optimism of their first song continues to propel Lickpenny Loafer’s work. Today the band still feeds that need to write and perform, finding freedom in rock music that challenges conventions, yet speaks to the listener’s soul.

In 1998, Lickpenny Loafer began as a songwriting adventure that happily led to a substantial and loyal fanbase, live shows across the Toronto area including the venerable Horseshoe, Lee’s Palace and The Reverb, radio appearances, a studio EP (self-titled) and, most recently, the full-length studio album, People Will Talk. The band is excited to share this 2011 album with listeners, and looks forward to more live dates to celebrate its release.

The music: layered… arresting take on progressive pop and rock driven by soaring vocals, unique guitar lines and expressive bass melodies.

The influences: diverse...contrasting. One might hear the sonic fingerprints of the likes of Nick Drake, Wilco, Jeff Buckley, The Smiths, and Radiohead throughout LPL's songwriting.

The show: high energy...pushing boundaries. LPL lives to play live, inviting the audience to join them in a dynamic ride ranging from raw hard rock to ethereal ballads.

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