Warner Robins, Georgia, USA

One of the things that makes a band such a huge success throughout a career is its connection with their fans. They sign every copy of every album, give out hats and Shirts and no matter what thank every one who has come to show appreciation. and to make the performance a work of beauty,.


Bruce Daniels started playing percussion in Georgia Clubs as the Southern rock wave was sweeping over the US. After realizing he was better suited at the front of the stage he took over vocals, His early days at drums paid off the great timing and delivery of his characteristic vocals are quickly evident to the crowd. Every since he took over he has wowed crowds throughout the US. Bruce formed the popular” Family Band" touring corporate and college circuits for two years honing his style and winning acclaim as one of the most entertaining in the southeast. In 1989 he joined with future Stillwater members in “The Willis Steele Band “, Bruce cool and professional stage performance were to cast in stone as he toured excessively and cemented his fan base with strong followings throughout Florida and Georgia as Bruce and the group booking with Atlanta’s Barney Wells Agency hit the road again. Following the successful tour Bruce formed the group Legacy and opened for Molly Hatchet, Blackfoot and many of the great Southern Rock groups. The group recorded the album Fire in the Hole in 2000, Bruce penned several of the songs and played consistently through out Georgia through 2005 in 2006
Bruce formed the group Lickydsplit with sights on a return to the ultimate Blues /Rock sound.

Chris Patterson, a native of Georgia, became involved in music at an early age. He attended the University of Georgia, majored in Music, and at 17, a life-long passion began. Influenced by the great guitar players of that era, using only his fingers (instead of a pick) and a coricidon bottle, he began developing his own distinctive style and technique of playing. Having played every style of music from Rock and Roll, the Blues, to Country Music, etc, and taking a little from each, Chris created his own sound. He is regarded by his musical peers as being "one of the hottest guitar players around" and his sound can be best described as "liquid fire." Over the years he has recorded in studios in Columbia, S.C., Augusta, Ga., Chattanooga, Tn., and recently Macon, Ga. He has shared the stage with a variety of great artists, such as Ronnie Hammond of the Atlanta Rhythmn Section, Dan Toller, formerly of the Allman Brothers Band, Stillwater, and Leroy Parnell. Ronnie Hammond once said; "The very best I've ever heard." In March 2001, Chris was featured in Gritz Magazine under the caption of "Bottleneckin' Blues-Macon's Chris Patterson May be The New King of Slide Guitar." He was also featured in 2002 and 2003. Chris is currently working on a project with " Roadhouse" from Greensboro, Georgia.

Steve Hancock Guitarist /Vocals hails from Moultrie Ga , a rapid fire perfectionist with a butterfly touch when it comes to rock and blues. Stevie sights Mr Page and Mr Clapton as major influences . His Beatle memorablia collection is a fantastic trip into pop lore and culture and he would love a pair of Zepplin tickets ,, for the next tour. The spirit of Southern rock comes alive on Hot Georgia nights when Steve starts laying the groove down .

Robbie Axton Percuusion/Batterie/Vocals is the anchor the keeps the show velocity from driving the crowd wild , an outstanding percussionist much sought after for his solid feels. Robbie roots run deep in the Dixie Dance halls , he grants that his favorite drummer Buddy Rich never brokea a drum stick in anger , but bass players and singers may not have been so lucky..
Like bustin open a cool sweet watermelon icebox pie on a Ga dog day “clik bang what a hang your daddy just shot poor me” JH…

John was a brat growing up in Germany when he first visited London, which was in the aura of the British rock wave on Radio Luxembourg ala Rolling Stones, Kinks, Yardbirds, Beatles and it had an has been the main ingredient in Johns style of play as well as having an electrifying effect on the young people throughout, John had been introduced to classical Piano at a young age but Rock was "fun man" and the chance move to Newport Rhode Island and view the Jazz and Folk festivals was the catalyst. John began playing guitar up and down the coast from Vermont’s Rock to Virginia’s tidewater beach music to Florida southern rock in the group’s "Power plant", and "Spirit in Flesh". John journey's will always bring him back to the South and its music scene. He has enjoyed playing and listening to the great Georgia musicians. John currently plays a Fender Jazz and a great new 5 string bass made by Mr. Curbow of Atlanta , picked up from Skip at Guitar center. . JOHN PLAYS BASS AND GUITAR, AND He LENDS VOCALS AT TIMES. HE LISTS THE STAX MEMPHIS SOUNDS , VINNIE VINCENT , JOE COCKER AND ALL SOUTHERN ROCK GROUPS AS HIS FAVORITE ARTISTS.





Set List

Born on the Cusp, Taken a Turn , Fly, Girl, Allman Brothers, Molly Hatchet, Bad Company, Grand Funk, ZZ Top , BB King, Otis Redding , Eric Clapton, Marshall Tucker, Eagles , Little River Band, CCR, Doobies, Skynyrd,W. Pickett, Spencer Davis, Steppenwolf, Hendrix, Eddie Money, Beatles,

3-4 Sets run 45min to and Hour