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L.I. is the Hip Hop artist everyone has been waiting for. He makes music that the more traditional Hip Hop lovers crave and respect and the younger generation loves to chant and download. So if you're looking to be associated with the success of this new phenomenon, you're in the right place!


L.I. (born Curtis Arline III) of Rochester, N.Y., was introduced to and influenced by hip hop at a very early age. Being the next to youngest out of four very different brothers, Curtis was exposed to all different types of music. Tapes scattered around their bedrooms ranged from rock music like Van Helen to rap music like Kool G Rap and A Tribe Called Quest.

Due to those different roots of musical inspiration, Curtis (going by the title Clevy) wrote his first lyrical verse in 1994. It has been history in the making since. When he became confident enough to perform these lyrics to his peers, they titled him Lyrically Intelligent (L.I.) for the skillful way he would choose his word play and descriptive way he'd tell his stories.

As the talent grew, the notarization did as well. This, in turn, blessed L.I. with the opportunities to work with talented up and coming producers such as Vato (former in-house producer for Carl Thomas), Midnite (Frankie J, Stacks, Loone, etc.), Battle Roy (SWV, R.L., Frankie J, Lil Mo) and E Bass (Jay Z, Beonce, Fabolous, etc,).

He has also created hip hop bangers during collaborations with SunNY. (B.E.T.'s 106 & Park 7 week freestyle champion and Virgin Records artist), Lady Luck (former Def Jam artist known for Fight Klub battle with former Terror Squad member Remy Ma) and DJ Noodles (Sirius Satellite DJ on Hip Hop Nation, WBLK Buffalo, NY).

These phenomenal tracks can be found on the hottest mix CD to hit the underground circuit, selling over 5,000 units to date, titled "The Time Iz Now" featuring L.I. hosted by DJ Bac-Spin (three time guest DJ on B.E.T.'s "Rap City").

His lead underground single, titled "Cook", has fueled the fire for the anticipated artist. The "Cook" single has made it to the airwaves thru the likes of veteran DJ's such as DJ Tony Touch, DJ Premier, DJ Whoo Kid, DJ Noodles, and numerous college DJ's across the U.S. It has also gained internet success on HIPHOPGAME.COM, HIPHOPDX.COM, HIPHOPAUDIOLOGY.COM and, last but certainly not least, ALLHIPHOP.COM where the "Cook" video was the first independently created and promoted video posted during ALLHIPHOP's re-launch of the new and improved website.

Accumulating fans that understand and relate to L.I.'s music through radio and video is only a portion of the outlets he has aimed to conquer. He has proven beyond a reasonable dought to be a magnificent performer as well. Opening shows for national artists such as Crime Mob, Jim Jones, DJ Green Lantern (CD release party), Bone Thugs & Harmony, Lil Scrappy and D-Block (Styles P and J Hood) has exposed L.I. to be known as a artist with a very creative and entertaining stage performance and presence.

L.I. is prepared and ready to be exposed world wide to let the world know that he really is Lyrically Intelligent.

Set List

Enough Material To Cover 60Min Show Time