Lid Law

Lid Law

 Chicago, Illinois, USA
BandHip Hop

Lid Law is a can of dynamic elements under pressure combined with the elevated temperatures of unforgiving streets.


When you combine the kinetic energy of the streets with the fiery heat of organic tempos the end result is an explosion known as "Lid Law". The only way to describe this artist is to visualize animation that has jumped off of the page of an urban comic book storyline right at the climax. Envision a jagged ball of energy that will prick you if you get too close, but is so magnetic that he draws you in with his charismatic vocal deliveries and live performances. All that he is grabs hold of each of your 5 senses at once without permission with sincere emotion so that you become involved in his experience. While others act out what they see, he relays what he has seen, felt, and lived to his listeners in increments of 16 bars. Be it the articulation of the nocturnal life of the streets of Chicago's south-side, the truths regarding community anarchy, everyday life lessons of a young black man, or self-reflection and contemplation of world events, Lid Law brings it to you minus the sugary candy coating. No artificial flavors, no fillers, only heat! This artist takes the modern Hip-Hop scene by its reins with a tight grip on the very essence of the music that made it a worldwide phenomenon.
With a signature cadence, clever punch-lines, gritty deliveries, and a combustible presence, this Ill Regards artist brings a panoramic view of his world via his voice projected through microphone cords. It is what it is. Lid's attack is unrelentless, his performances are unforgettable, and his vocals make you know him! Nothing about him is conventional. Nothing about him fits the mold, which he has now broken! He is a can of dynamic elements under pressure combined with the elevated temperatures of the unforgiving streets.


"Telephony" (single) , "From Chi to NY: The Preface" (mix-tape), "From Chi to Mile-High: The Introduction"(mix-tape), "Lid-it-ure vol.1: Unforgivable Knowledge" (album)

Set List

"Push-ups" (2:25), "Lightworks" (3:28), "I Already Got It" (3:53), "Crayons" (4:24), "Ready 2 Ride" (3:36), "Telephony" (3:06)