Lido Beach

Lido Beach


High-energy Alternative Rock from LA. Highly influenced from the 90s alternative scene. The band is formed by a stylistically eclectic blend of musicians. Seasoned Sunset Strip performers, they have been featured in The LA Times, various TV and Internet shows, as well as the most recent Super Bowl.


Lido Beach will break your heart and leave you hungry for more. Fronted by Long Island native, Scott Waldman, the musically and geographically diverse LA quartet combines a high-energy stage show with a blend of catchy, melodic rock, rooted deeply from the 90s alternative scene. They are regulars at The Roxy on the Sunset Strip and have performed all throughout LA.

In 2009, Lido Beach completed a successful string of coast-to-coast shows, (including headliners at The Knitting Factory Brooklyn and The Roxy, and opening for bands such as American Hi-FI, The Cab, and Steel Train) where they used unique guerrilla promotional tactics to promote themselves and their debut album "Fake Hellos, Real Goodbyes" to sell over 3,000 copies.

2012 found Lido Beach with new life. They hit the studio hard, with the end result being a much enhanced sound and some of their best songs yet. Their performance at the Andaz Hotel grabbed the attention of the Los Angeles Times, which referenced them in an article regarding the Sunset Strip's re-emerging rock scene.

The band also placed a song during Super Bowl XLVII, which was televised to millions and millions of people around the world.

As for 2013... it's on! Be on the lookout for the bands upcoming EP "Social Climbing". Rock.


"Fake Hellos, Real Goodbyes" - 2008

"Black Jacket Soul" Single - 2012

"Social Climbing" EP - 2013