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What If It's Not Me

Written By: Adam Lieberthal

What if all the wonders gone?
What if reason fades?
What if this isn’t happening
To me?

What if lightening strikes again?
In this very place again?
What if it does not strike me?

I’ll tell you what
I might think
I might not even blink
Because I’ve just escaped reality
And I’m being set free.

Out on the
I am running for broke
From a cold and wet dreary Life
That I don’t suppose I own

And What if it’s not me?
Who’s time will be spent alone?
In a crazy mind warped
Messed up world
All alone?

I’m telling you the truth now
‘cause that’s all I know
I very well might be in love
And not alone.

What if what they say is true
Keep on keeping on
keep on plugging along
Until its you

What if all the wonders gone?
What if reason fades?
What if this isn’t happening
To me?
What if it’s Not Me?

Sun Sets

Written By: Adam Lieberthal

Sun Sets

Verse 1
Feeling quite Isolated
Lonely, Bored, Incarcerated
Too close to comfort for me.
Time has passed unforeseen
Acquaintances do not agree
Indecision is lingering on.

Bridge 1
Tell me which way to go
All the options I should know

Verse 2
All alone once again
Feeling abstracted from
Society as a whole.
Left alone to masturbate
Or sit right down and contemplate
What is the meaning of life?

Sun sets on a distant horizon
People start to go inside and
Feel warm and cozy by the
Fire it rages.
Laughing without a clue
How life can be so very blue
And poison begins to fill my

Verse 3
Tell me something I believe
Tell me how much I mean
Tell me how much I mean to you.
Let me in on your little jokes
Let me hear the words you spoke
Let me hear your voice,
I don’t want to read…
Bridge 2
Your lips are telling low tall tales
I don’t believe your heart is stale.

Verse 4
Once again I’m back on top,
Another week of happy thought.
No, that’s just a lie!
But what really will occur
Is just another mental blur
‘Cuz I’m not happy where I’m at!