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"Metal Militia"

"After losing vocalist, Ian Leary, who fronted the band for 10 years, Liecus had to search for a frontman that wouldn't hinder there recent progresses. What they found was a treasure to the band. After only a week they signed Josh Vandergrift and the band was back in the studio after just ten days of signing "Vandy". The product is one of the most brilliantly written CD's I've ever listened to. With guitar riffs that would make Zakk Wylde proud and lyrics that shine hope into the darkest of souls, Distinctive Design is an album for any person who appreciates metal. With the Rap/Metal sounds of Hypocrite gone and the beautiful melodies and aggressive growling choruses of the new Liecus, here, this band is a mainstay in metal for years to come. This CD is incredible, though all the songs are great, I recommend Misery, Pinworm or Drowning Confessions for anyone who wants a sample of the band. If there is any flaws to the album it is that there is only 6 songs. But those 6 songs make the best album coming from a non-national band all year, this band deserves a national label, Distinctive Design is the ultimate showing for that. " Metal militia
- Matt Adkins


"With no less than four major time signature changes per song, you’re quick to run out of good adjectives. All I can say is, any musician ready to experience absolute flawless mastery of their chosen instrument needs to purchase this album and study the hell out of it. I don’t care if you listen to Metal / Hardcore / Death Metal / Jazz / or Fusion. -

"Dare Devil"

" I like the music of Liecus, cause it´s pretty much straight in the face and with their Metal influences they make this CD even more interesting. can´t do wrong with Liecus. Hardcore with a lot of Metal...damn." - Daredevil Magazine

"Jens Metal page"

"I got to hear a sample of the tracks before i got the cd, and i really liked it. So needless to say, i was excited to get the cd.They have a real good sound to them. Heavy metal core vocal styles, and then mixed with a normal singing voice, almost like a Sevendust/Taproot sound, before the yelling starts. Musically, they are heavy, they have a rock, hardcore, metal core rolled up into one. When they go from their rock, softer sound to the heavy harder sound, it's like night and day, two different styles, but when put next to each other they sound great. Really adds to the songs. I'm a fan." - Jens Metal Page

"Ultimate Metal"

"Liecus prove an interesting proposition. The young quartet play blistering metalcore with occasional rock leanings. Some tracks have nu-metal influenced passages, which add more variety to an already fairly diverse sound. Heavy, sometimes melodic, always precise guitarwork drives the music, and creates a harsh exterior. This is accentuated by caustic screaming and guttural shouts, and juxtaposed by occasional singing. The drums are well performed and fit the music throughout its myriad different moods, while the bass is powerful and dynamic." - Ultimate Metal


"First thought, before the vocals even begin, is Tool. Not surprising to see the drummer wearing A Perfect Circle shirt in the band photo. When the vocals start, they waver between growling and clean. As the CD continues to spin, traces of NYC hardcore along with elements of The Deftones and straight up heavy metal begin to emerge. Full of tempo changes, these songs certainly aren’t boring. An independent, DIY attitude surrounds the material as stylistic switches occur numerous times, within the same song. Knowing no boundaries, pretty much anything is game, yet Liecus has managed to carve a niche of their own." - Brave words and bloody knuckles

"Caveman Cronicles"

"This is some of the most blistering hardcore with chunks of Metal floating on top and a thick, fermented sheen of driving Death Metal musicianship I think I have ever heard in my life! Oh, and that’s just the first track I was talking about because I don’t, after years of writing, have enough musical definitions to describe this band’s music." - Caveman Cronicles


1996: American Scheme (full length)
1997: Present Wake (demo)
1998: Destroy all Nonbelievers (demo)
1999: (Self titled EP)
2001: What Have They Come For (full length)
2004: Hypocrite (EP)
2006: Distinctive Design (EP)
2009: New Day (EP)
2012: Murder of Crows (full length)

Liecus had completed a National college radio campagin entering the CMJ charts at #13 within a week of the start of their campagin they climbed three spots to #10 and held the #6 spot on WSCW - Wocester, MA for over 4 weeks. Liecus has been added to over 150 stations with 110 being medium and light rotation.
Here are some of the following radio stations WSCW #6, KBTL#18, WMUR #28, WSFX, WVFI, WRBC, RLC, WRSE, KRNL, KDWG, WMXM, WOUB, WPUB, WQRI, WOBN, WSCA, CFRE.

Liecus is currently in heavy rotation in their local market on WHBR 103.1FM getting three to four spins a day



Not much can be said about West Virginia, unless you talk about the beautiful rolling hills, the rich Civil War history, the Mothman Prophecy, coal mining or West Virginia University couch-burning parties. One thing that you can positivly talk about is the upcoming kick ass Rock group LIECUS.
Formed in 2008 LIECUS is Vocalist Robb Yost, Guitarist Joe Bailey, Bassist Greg Breeden, Guitarist Eric Seevers and Percussionist Mark Hayhurst. All have put in their time with music including but not limited to; formal training, experience in other bands, and natural born talent that lead up to the pieces of the puzzle coming together in such a uncannly perfect fit.
Quickly after forming LIECUS the group entered the studio to record their appropriately titled EP “New Day” expanding their reach with a marketable sound while reaching a broad audience. The response to the music has been overwhelmingly positive and people of all ages have shown their appreciation of the “new” LIECUS.
LIECUS devised a plan and executed their goals for the upcoming year, including the release of the new EP, National publicity, touring, and a national radio campaign. In the meantime LIECUS continued to write and perform supporting National acts such as Pop Evil, Saving Able, Bobaflex, Nonpoint, Ten Years, and Hurt to name a few, and pushing their latest CD to packed houses. Honing in on their craft and perfecting the sound and live performance.
Carrying this momentum LIECUS ventured back into the studio and completed their most current full length album "Murder Of Crows" at Red Room studio, teaming up with producer Jerod Mankin, (bassist of national touring artists Bobaflex). With the completion of this album LIECUS signed on with Roxoff Entertainment for direction and management of the group. Since then, LIECUS has been achieving their goals left and right, playing sold out shows in their local market and is now in position to break into the mainstream with the help of their management, a radio campaign, and touring.
This is LIECUS; overcoming adversity, perfecting, improving while maintaining a focus on what is real and true, the music