Bringing a new sense of talent with catchy riffs and intriguing lyrics. Lies mix today's hard rock with their captivating and original sound. This makes Lies a melodic, abrasive, and emotionally charged group.


"This album is a reflection on my life and all the bullshit that I've had to deal with," says Bain. "This album saved my life. I channeled everything I had."

Produced by Mike Livingstone -guitarist of New York hardcore giants 25 Ta Life and 100 Demons- LIES captures the perfect balance between emotional destruction and beautiful melodies. The end result is the debut album from New York based LIES. Entitled Hate, the album chronicles all of the group's experiences and feelings into one giant ball of sonic destruction. Melodic, abrasive and emotionally unstable; Hate is a powerful release of anger that hasn't been felt in the hard rock scene since the early '90s.

"Mike doesn't think like a producer because he's a musician first," says Ascanio. "He completely understood what we wanted to accomplish with this record and that's why the record sounds as good as it does."

It has been said that the best art is born out of the ashes of intense depression, pain and sorrow. LIES’ Hate is a festering amalgamation of intense pain and sorrow that was made into a soundtrack that consumes listeners like cancer until all that’s left is a rotten core.

"We cannot image what we would be doing or where we would be if we didn't have music. Music is our life," says the band in a moment of complete honesty. “We want people to feel connected to the music and the emotions we utilize in these songs. Hopefully it can help them confront and overcome their own feelings of anger, depression and frustration."



Written By: Travis Bain

You spoon fed me,
I hate you now,
Life is not mine,
I’m past my time.

Everyone has a secret,
I have a skeleton closet,
Whenever you look into my eyes,
All you see is sickening lies.

But you do it too,
And you know you would,
If you know you could,
If you could be me.

You hoped in me,
I love you now,
I can’t defeat,
I can be beat.

The world is not enough for us,
Mother fucking silence now.


Written By: Travis Bain

You built up inside me,
You can certainly see,
You ignore the questions,
Laced with misconceptions.
You are weird and are torn,
This is how you were born,
You can hear awful moans,
You can hear horrid tones.

You don’t want to see truth,
It means seeing through,

You must be in pieces,
You and the pain ceases,
You create misery,
Laced with humility.
You have nothing but dust,
This is your broken trust,
You are carrying me,
You are going blindly.


Written By: Travis Bain

The world loathes me,
I felt this way,
With words they say,
I am baggage.
I can’t help that,
No one can too,
What can I do,
This is the end.

I know what I’m experiencing,
Is not too good and not too kind,
After this is over happiness,
Will be easier to find.

Just let me be,
And I can cry,
And I can kiss,
My ass good-bye!
Bleed in my soul.

The world won’t turn,
This is not kind,
Just kill my mind,
I am with doubt.
I am in hell,
And I hate it,
I can not quit,
I’m pathetic.

I’m all dried up,
I can’t be me.


LIES - "Hate"

Set List

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Pantera "Walk"
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