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We are Geert & Liesje and we are two songwriters from Belgium. Our purpose is to write songs in different styles and hopefully it will be suited for artists around the world


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loosing control

Written By: geert & Liesje

Loosing Control

verse: I believe in you and what you are.
I believe in truth right from the heart.
when you come and you'r love surrounds me.

You become the light deep in my heart.
Being far from you, tears me apart.
can you feel ? all my sweet devotion.

chorus: I am on fire, burning deep in my soul.
You take me higher, when we kiss
and I'm loosing control.

verse: You came into my life so suddenly
when you look in my eyes , it's chemistry
it's a trance, it's a new emotion.

I never seem to notice what you do
You waking up the fear of loosing you
say goodbye, to my independance

bridge: I'm your fire, take me high upon myself.
I'm your fire, satisfy me on my will.
getting me higher, when you hold me and you told me.
taking me higher, can you feel all the temptation t'ill the end ?