Life Cycle

Life Cycle

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In a sea of Style Biters and Swagger Jackers, Life Cycle is original and refreshing Hip Hop. Let the music speak for itself !


Life Cycle is originally from Tacoma WA. Joshua Jay and Burn One have known each other their entire life (beings they are Brothers). Burn One and DJ Hanibal met in 9th grade. Since both of them were Graff writers, they clicked instantly. At the time Joshua Jay and Burn one were rapping with alot of different people but nothing was ever serious. Around '99 or '00 DJ Hanibal got his first decks and the 3 of them started making mix tape tracks . Burn began messing around with computer based beat making programs and was hooked on the production side of things. He decided to buy an MPC and from there it was history. Burn and Joshua Jay , over a few short years , built a studio and began recording tracks for what would eventually be Life Cycle's debut album "City of Rust" (releasing early '08) The group could have came out with many full length albums but decided to really hone their talent and release a solid album. After moving to Seattle in early 2006, Joshua Jay and Burn One focused on music, recording a ton of material, progressing very rapidly and solidifying their "sound". Life Cycle Stays true to the roots of Hip Hop while advancing the music forward. Take a listen I know you will enjoy it.

Set List

Sets depend on the show. When we headline our set is typically 1 hour. We perform with a live guitar player and a few guest appearances.