Life In Vacuum

Life In Vacuum

 Waterloo, Ontario, CAN

songs that leave you breathless


"...Life In Vacuum is what would happen if Comadre met ATDI met The Mars Volta. Their energy is fucking astounding and as concise as their noisy perfection gets, theres so much narrative sparking here that you DEFINITELY need to peer into their lyrics and the story behind the curtains. 5 is one of the most hard-hitting, vibrant and ballistic records this year and chances are itll fly under the radar, so get in on this and thank me later..."

"..Transparently, Life in Vacuum really knows what it's doing, especially evident with their formation back in 2006, the couple demos under their belt, and this self-published gem. 5 is industrious DIY at its finest. .."

".....The term post-hardcore has been bastardized. When it surfaced in the late 80s, it was used to describe many of the bands whos members sprung out of the hardcore scene (Fugazi, Quicksand) but were infusing more melody, dissonant guitar riffs and jagged rhythmic patterns into their songwriting.

These days, many watered-down Warped Tour-approved bands have taken to calling their metalcore-meets-pop-punk sound post-hardcore. But knows better, and thats why discovering Life In Vacuum has been such a rush.

The bands forthcoming V album shares a spiritual connection to many of the influential post-hardcore records Dischord and Touch & Go released a couple of decades ago, but Live In Vacuum also have a quirky way to their tempo shifts that calls to mind groups like Wire and Gang of Four....."