Life Is Drama

Life Is Drama


High Energy Rock that keeps everyone dancing, and drinking all night long!


Creatively, LIFE IS DRAMA has managed to stay true to themselves. The end result is music that is powerfully refined but not overly produced… The message is profound but no pretentious… The energy is edgy but with a hint of sweetness... The energetic mix of covers consistently pleases audiences each and every gig. The success is evident as their fan base continuous to grow. Playing 3-4 shows a month, the band is able to perform for a broad range of audiences without the risk of overexposure. At the center of this foursome is vocalist Mindi Brinzo. With years of vocal experience under her belt, she’s able to effortlessly switch gears from style to style. Whether performing Alanis Morrisette, Pink, or Buckcherry, she’s able to grind out energetic vocals with a flair of originality. Though the band features a female vocalist, one shouldn’t be so quick to label the music as “girl rock”. Backed by a talented supporting cast which includes Bill Lechner on guitar/vocals, Tommy Przbyla on Bass/vocals, and Rob Hughes on drums. LIFE IS DRAMA is armed with the drive to bring rock music to the next level.
If you’ve got a venue or event that’s looking for some good quality cover music, LIFE IS DRAMA is the perfect band to keep the crowds happy, entertained, and coming back for more. Their energy can be seen in their performance, and most importantly, in their fans.


Symbols of Life/2007

Tracks which have recieved airplay:
And I Will, Fade Away, Joey's Song

Set List

LIFE IS DRAMA has the flexability to cator their performance length and number of sets to each venue’s desire.

Cover Songs
All Summer Long/Kid Rock
All The Small Things/Blink 182
Are You Gonna Go My Way/Lenny Kravitz
Behind These Hazel Eyes/Kelly Clarkson
Big Machine/Goo Goo Dolls
Come To My Window/Melissa Eathridge
Crazy Bitch/BuckCherry
Dance, Dance/Fallout Boy
Dancing With Myself/Billy Idol
DayTripper/The Beatles
Dirty Deeds/AC DC
Gel/Collective Soul
Glory Days/Bruce Springsteen
Gunpowder and Lead/Miranda Lambert
Harder To Breathe/Maroon 5
Have A Nice Day/Bon Jovi
Heartbreaker/Pat Benatar
I Don’t Care/Fallout Boy
I Kissed A Girl/Katy Perry
I Love Rock N Roll/Pat Benatar
I Remember You/Skid Row
I Think I’m Paranoid/Garbage
It’s Not My Time/3 Doors Down
Kryptonite/3 Doors Down
Longview/Green Day
Love and Memories/OAR
The Middle/Jimmy Eat World
My Hero/Foo Fighters
My Life/Bon Jovi
My Own Worst Enemy/Lit
Picture To