Life Is Here

Life Is Here


National acts we've shared the stage with: New Atlantic, Over-It, Anberlin, Tokyo Rose, BedLight for BlueEyes, Sound The Alarm, A Hero From A Thousand Paces, Liam & Me, The Progress, The Twilight Collective, Days Like These & more.


Life Is Here is the brainchild of Adrian Silva & it all started in 2003 as an electro/acoustic act. The positive portion of this story starts in the summer of 2006 when Cutie joined, & the two started to write & record a demo. During the recording process Brandon Cincotti joined to complete the void. Less than three months after their first release (Levels EP) Attic Records took notice & signed the trio.

Since the signing in June 2007 Life Is Here has been performing non-stop in & around Southern NJ, Pennsylvania, Delaware & Maryland. Drawing crowds of a 100 + people, ranging in ages from 14 to 24.

With many shows & little time Life Is Here found the time to write & record their first full length album titled "You're Welcome, Goodbye". With Influences like Grunge, Pop Punk, The Dance Floor, & Good ol' Rock-n-Roll, a lot is to be expected from these Southern NJ natives.

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Attic Records


...Bulldog Chewin' On A Wasp

Written By: Adrian Silva

Her belly's down, face on it's side & an arm for a pillow.
Her rolling eyes, show you that she is not interested
She says she's a dreamer, hopeful believer.

You want to be right where your dreams have placed you for years
If you give up & stop now, you'll feel so far - but you're so near.

Last night I had a dream that everyone stop talking shit.
But at last I awoke to the cold & the choke
of my blankets tied around me, tossing & turning
pointing to the sky & saying "Why, oh why...
Am I still here, & still alive"?

The moment you trust praise you're finished
Because now you have to swallow all opinions
Cherish kind gestures, but don't buy in
except, critique, regard & release.

La Vida Esta Aqui

Written By: Adrian Silva

Considering the options that we are older & bias
Love may fail, but courtesy prevails & he said
"Who but a wife would sleep with me?? (even) my fiance is in retreat"
"..And it went bust" They say with a grin

A cheap tux & a corsage badged to his lapel & well
He's misfortunate, mute & motionless
And haughty grace notes expressing excessive honesty & a matter-o-fact virtue
He says shut up, this is not love. No.

He's being honest now.

He wishes you all to be quiet he says silence at last.
Premature adultery has occurred here pointing to the Misses who is nervous
With a belly full of laughter "This is a disaster! Pastor I tried sooo hard.
But there's a child inside & unsure if its mine." God..

Who's being honest now?
He's being honest now.

Lower your bayonet & take one step forward
Months from now contractions every hour
Fillet of the neighborhood lacking any intellect
Her only interest was promiscuous & life threatening.

Who's being Honest?


Written By: Adrian Silva

Taken years off myself.
Distracted well by, “Aww hell!!” & possible wealth
I’ve bowed & blushed these cheeks on a stage of faith
Improving? Consider me saved.

Damn! It's a Devil's damn
All meaning is drying up in the cities heat
Wait! But don’t hesitate
The last train is leaving for South Jersey

Saying every little word in vain & you're wondering why
There's no rhythm to your stride
You’re sinking, you should be wading, no wait praying
And saying Life Is Here

We're having problems, but who are we
Suburban slobs & city snobs
Draining the life out of everything.


Levels EP
Self Release - 2007

1. Damn!
2. ...Bulldog Chewin' On A Wasp
3. La Vida Esta Aqui
4. Big Fish

You're Welcome, Goodbye LP
Attic Records (Tentative Release Fall 2007)

1. The Truth
2. Teen's Choice
3. Taller
4. Uncle Floyd
5. ...Bulldog Chewin' On A Wasp
6. Damn!
7. Monster & Demons
8. La Vida Esta Aqui
9. You Can Have It All
10. Big Fish

Set List

Our typical set is all originals & is about 25 mins.

1. Bulldog Chewin' On A Wasp
2. Teen's Choice
3. You Can Have It All
4. Big Fish
5. Damn!
6. La Vida Esta Aqui

Other songs Included:

The Truth
Uncle Floyd
Te Amo
Monster & Demons