Life Number Nine

Life Number Nine


Life Numeber Nine is Chicago's answer to the resurrection of rock. With their anthem filled music and high energy performaces, audiences are left in a state of awe. Driving guitars and big drums create the backdrop for captivating melodies and intense lyrics. Meet the new face of rock!


With their hard-hitting and anthem-filled music, 'life number nine' continues to prove they are the best kept secret in the industry. The band, originally named ‘pinch’, was formed by lead singer Frank Ferro and bass player Bobby Settles in 2002. With early success and recognition, the band searched for the right line up to move forward with. After the addition of guitar players, Mark Sawalha and Joe Smith, the band defined their sound and 'life number nine' came to life. Since the inception, the band has been leaving audiences mesmerized with their powerful music and high energy performances.
With the special gift to effortlessly write and create, the band has recorded three full-length albums and four EP demos. The singles ‘no win’, ‘dead end girl’, & ‘the longest lie’ were featured numerous times on Chicago commercial rock radio stations Q101 WKQX, WXRT, and WZZN. Fueled by the success of their albums and their loyal fan base, the band landed a coveted slot on the Ernie Ball Stage of the Vans Warped Tour. This gave the band the push they needed to prove they could rock with the best national acts. As a result of their new found exposure, the band competed in the national "Jam with Pam" North American Music Search sponsored by and Pamela Anderson. Of the thousands of bands that entered, they were one of three to make it to the finals. Despite a vote of approval from Pam herself, the band finished as the runner up. However, the contest helped bring their music to the masses and people took notice. Invitations to showcase their music at the prestigious music conferences followed. The band participated in the College Music Journal (CMJ) conference in New York and MOBfest in their hometown Chicago. While showcasing in New York, the band caught the eye of Hugo Ferreira of the band ‘Tantric’ (Maverick). Impressed with the music and talent, Ferreira offered to produce their next demo. With a surplus of new songs, the band headed to Louisville, KY to collaborate with Ferreira. The end result was a three song demo that featured Ferreira singing backup vocals and a new song written during the three days of recording.
The band took some time off to write and redefine themselves in ’05. In late 2006, life number nine independently recorded and released the EP "The Other Side of Sweet." From the beginning, the disc was met with rave reviews from various music industry insiders. The band continued to write and record throughout the year. The new material was featured at every show and fans couldn’t get enough. In December of 2007, the recording was complete and the band walked away with 11 new songs. The release of their new album is set for July 2008.


Running on Fumes (2002)
Up and Down (2003)
Damaged Goods (2004)
The Other Side of Sweet (2006)