Life of the Martyr

Life of the Martyr


Life of the Martyr's music is NOT your average metalcore. It is stronger, and at times much darker. Perhaps its best quality is that every song sounds diffrent, and yet is unmitakeably Life of the Martyr's. It portrays darkness and undying hope that unceasingly displays the ferosity of love.


"A martyr is a person who is put to death or endures suffering because of a belief, principle or cause. The death of a martyr or the value attributed to it is called martyrdom." -Wikipedia
We are a Christian band from Midland County. We began in October of 2006 as a responce to what we consider a calling from God. We will not shove our beliefs down your throat, but we will stand up for ours. Our God is worth fighting for. We are not perfect nor do we claim to be. Thus, we WILL NOT judge you. Quite the contrary, we offer help, love, and a wayout regardless of what you believe.
The death of a martyr is seldom forgoten. We thought it only fitting to have name that would place infasis on the life of someone known through out history almost only for their death.
Life of the Martyr- The only thing more bold than the name...
is the music.


Chris Cringle Persona

Written By: Kyler Davis

Chris Cringle Persona:
In "Chris Cringle Persona" I am trying to display my outrage toward people who consider Christ to be this Santa Clause character, who will make your life easy if you are doing what he wants you to do, and hard if you are not living the right way. My life has become a thousand times harder since I started following christ. It's honestly not as fun or as pleasureable for me as a worldly life. However, a life following God is a million times more satisfying than any pleasure of this world. This song also deals with the fact that there is so much work that needs to be done, and so few people that will actualy do what God is calling them to do. I also incorporate text from both Luke chaper 10 verse 2, and Matthew chapter 10 verse 34.

Where have all of his soliers gone! Who's with me? The harvest is plentiful but, the workers are few. The Lord my God is calling yet, you claim you know not what to do. Put to death this Chris Cringle persona, that you've cast upon my Lord. You think the son came to bring peace... You fools, He came with a sword. He came with a sword!

Set List

Tipicly we play four songs if we have about a 45 minute set. We play "Man on the Cross", "Chris Cringle Persona", "The Living Dead", and "To Awaken from Conciousness" in that order. We've never covered a song before, but its not out of the question.