Life on the Sun

Life on the Sun


Take the energy of At the Drive-In, the power and grace of Shiner, the passion of Sunny Day Real Estate, and the layered guitarscapes of Failure, and that's some ridiculous loft to reach for... but what the F*@$! Our sound is somewhere in between.


Life on the Sun was formed in the spring/summer of 2004. We play music that comes from our heart. We're not out to follow the current trends. We're not out to destroy current trends. Good music is an expression that touches something inside the listener. Our vision is to create music that is honest and unpretentious. Sometimes life is beautiful. Sometimes it's ugly. It takes all the colors to make a rainbow.

Our first CD, SHINE THROUGH, was self-recorded in the fall of 2004. The title reflects the underlying theme of the songs, which is to keep your dreams alive, even when the black clouds roll in. The music can be dark at times, but it's more like turning on a light and exploring the shadows, rather than getting lost or wallowing in them. It is a moody rock album that draws influences from such bands as Failure, Sunny Day Real Estate, Muse, Sparta, and QOTSA.

We are currently booking shows and performing in the Los Angeles area, and working hard to keep expanding our fanbase.


Shine Through EP - 2005

Kings of Fall Video - 2005

Set List

Kings of Fall
To Walk Again
Down the Radio
Lines Blank
Better Than Air

Set length can range from 40 minutes to 1 hour.