Life Problems

Life Problems

 St. Catharines, Ontario, CAN

were a large band that may have up to 12 people on stage at any one show. our sound has be described as, alternative psychelic folk rock, alternative Celtic folk punk, strange mix of Blue grass, folk country rock, we Just like to call it Hitchhiking Music and let you decide what that is.


Life Problems, a costumed band comprised of eight core members includes acoustic guitars, horns, strings and various percussion to their ensemble. The core of the band has seen over 25 different artists and performers come and go. Ranging from Jazz musicians and the classically trained to street performers and the self taught, each member has added a lasting effect on the direction of the music. Fusing elements of Classical and Folk Music, Celtic Punk and Psychedelic Rock, the band can entertain a wide spectrum of audiences and venues. From absurd and humorous songs like Whisky, Porno & Beer to more tasteful and elegant pieces like Ever Wondered? comes a combination of lyrically diverse travelling songs backed by a big sound and large stage presence. Easily fit onto any billing, the band can be placed amongst any genre as either a transitional act or a headliner. Whether headlining small clubs, performing at large festivals, showcasing charity events, enlightening corporate soirees, or simply busking on the side of the road; Life Problems has and will continue to enthral all who witness its bizarre splendour.

Alarm Clocks Kill
DreamsNothin' But Time
Ever Wondered
Fried Beetles and Dracula Puppets
Border Of Jurisdiction
I'm Not Walking
Patio Outdoor Couch