Life Project

Life Project


The NEW SOUND OF MIAMI Original material - amazing, soulful female vocals - incredible beats from breaks to deeply chilled - dance to lounge "The Next Best Thing in Music." Miami Living, May 2008


Recent featured live performances include:

November 2008 - BAKEHOUSE Arts Complex -- Miami

November 2008 - Britto Central (South Beach, Miami) - world renowned artist Romero Britto and Life Project - gallery opening

June 2008: one year anniversay of weekly residence at the world-famous DELANO Hotel - considered one of the hippest hotels in the world with a guest list to match. Life Project has drawn raves reviews and audience appreciation for its one hour set that is considered one of the week's highlights for the hotel and guests alike.

MAY 2008: MTV 'Walk For Life' After-Party performance Performing for a crowd of over 3,500 people Life Project was invitd by MTV as their 'band of choice' to support their efforts in the fight against AIDS. MTV and Life Project were the number one fund-raising team in the country. MTV have invited Life Project to partner them on several future events.

April 2008: Pink Martini after-party! Presented by Rhythm Foundation - Life Project played the amazing after-party for Pink Martini during their recent appearence in Miami.

Opening slot for Jamiroquai during Australian tour 2006

Track "high time" featured on 2008 Beijing olympic games official CD

Life Project have risen to prominence in South Beach, Miami over the past 2 years building on the unquestionable strengths of their live performances and 2 album releases. Angie, English/Australian is considered a legendary soul singer and has performed with many of the industry greats whilst focusing on her songwriting. Her lyrics are notable for their 'universal' uplifting sensibility and their classy 'pop' hooks - HiRO/Australian is a multi-award winning producer/composer who has written and produced for film/TV and individual musicians. Both have been greatly influenced by the likes of Quantic, Plej, Flunk, Bakini, Goldfrapp, Eurythmics, Stevie Wonder, Beady Belle, DePhazz, David Sylvian, Dead Can Dance, Dusty Springfield, RADIOHEAD, Harry Nilsson, Gladys Knight, Joni Mitchell, Caetano Veloso, Gotan Project, Bajo Fondo Tango Club, Zero 7, Joe Zawinul, George Alison Tipton, George Fenton, Salif Keita, Peter Gabriel, Paul Simon, Zakir Hussain, Nitin Sawhney, Miles Davis, Lemon Jelly, Kruder and Dorfmeister, Koop, Kings of Convenience, Bugge Wesseltoft, Jan Garbarek, Cinematic Orchestra, Fried.


Happy Hour (The Red Room HiRO? mix)

Written By: Life Project

All we've got are the ones we love.
All we know is what we've learned so far,
And what we've learned is we've so far to go,
And there's not much we all agree on.

waiting on, happy hour...

All we've got are the ones we love,
All we wish for them is everything,
And all our battles are just a waste of time,
And we don't get the chance to begin again.

Waiting on, happy hour.....

All I want is a simple life,
When I wake it's what I hope to find,
When the time is right I'm gonna be all smiles,
And you won't see my dust for miles.

Waiting on, happy hour.....

Crazy (DFC Mexico City HiRO? mix)

Written By: life Project

I want somebody
Who's crazy
Crazy, crazy about me
I want somebody
Who's lonely
Lonely, lonely without me
I want somebody
Who's nothing
Nothing, nothing without me

Crazy about me
Lonely without me
Nothing without me

I want somebody
Who's no one
No one, no one without me
I want somebody
Who's nowhere
Nowhere, nowhere
Without me
I want somebody
Who's someone
Someone, someone
Just for me
Just for me

No one without me
Nowhere without me
Somebody for me

Crazy about me
Lonely without me
Nothing without me

High Time

Written By: Life Project

I'm not a gambler but I'll take my chances with you
Spin of the wheel, maybe two
I am a winner but I lost my head over you
One more dice throw maybe dreams come true
No more bad luck making a loser of me
Now I've got your love now I've got your love
It isn't perfect not even especially sweet
But maybe just sweet enough
High time to change
The rules of the game yeah
High time to change
To land in my favour sooner or later


Life Project/Life Project (debut album available at iTunes, CDBABY etc.)
Life Project:LP2 - a 2 CD set consisting of one vocally driven 'chilled-out' album and a second continuous mix DJ dance/up-tempo album.

Tracks from both albums can be heard at:

Set List

As a 'live' performance Life Project are exceptionally well contained with their own complete sound system - a pre-existing house system to plug into is a plus. Their sets generally run 55 minutes feature a continuous-mix 'DJ set' featuring 12+ tracks from both albums. The effect is highly sophisticated, brilliantly and captivatingly performed with exceptional 'live' vocal. Reminiscent of Everything But The Girl and The Eurythmics. The band is currently in permanent weekly residence at the world-famous DELANO hotel, South Beach, Miami. and has played outstanding sets for MTV Latin, Romero Britto Gallery, iModerne, Y3, Addidas and BASE, to name but a few. They are highly in demand in the Greater Miami area where they have already established an exceptional reputation for the sophisitcation of their set, their sound and the undeniable chemistry between the two band members.