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Life Saving Decision

Jefferson, Ohio, United States | INDIE

Jefferson, Ohio, United States | INDIE
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Life Saving Decision @ LibertyFest 09!! 401 Warpole St, 43351

upper Sandusky, Ohio, USA

upper Sandusky, Ohio, USA

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Greetings to all !!!!!!! I had recently purchased Life Saving Decision`s debut CD The Spiritual Warfare last week and after listening to it for a second time (so far) I must say that overall, I was very impressed by it and could tell that God was working through you as the lyrics and beats meshed together. The intro is very vivid almost like I am there with them. My 3 personal favorite tracks are #3 One Shot # 11 Why Can`t You See and #7 Six Feet Deep.
# 12 Slippin`Off The Edge I saw was #48 on the Christian Rap Charts and climbing and #2 Pain Of Warfare is strong. #5 Army Of The Lord is powerful with tantilizing vocals, both spoken and singing #8 Skit, to me. is a positive message for the younger generations in today`s world wanting to explore the "dark side" then coming to grips that God is needed for help during a difficult experience. #13 outro is just boomin' and it will almost make your stereo system smile back at you.

LSD`s positive message is very comprehensible throughout the whole CD and the beats....... OHH THE BEATS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Kudos to Kevin and everyone else who helped put this CD together.

WELL DONE and God Bless!!!!!!!!!!

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- Mike Freeman


Life Saving Decision first dropped their debut album Spiritual Warfare in 2006. The very next year Life Saving Decision dropped their next album called Get Real! Get Real has proved to be a fan favorite and has received internet radio airplay, local news coverage, and vast publicity.

Life Saving Decision experienced their biggest year of ministry during 2010. With this growth it would be easy to kick back and slow down, but that is not what this group is all about! Both members realize that spreading the Gospel is their true calling from God; therefore, they are dedicated full time to the ministry. The group is currently working on two new album projects, one to be released the summer of 2011 and the other to release in 2012. A reality show capturing real life behind the scenes footage is also in the works to be released before 2012. Not only will the group be releasing new material, they will also be launching a massive advertising campaign in order to ensure that they reach as many people as possible with the Gospel.

With their growing fan base, media coverage, new albums, reality show and advertising campaign, it is obvious that Life Saving Decision is working harder then ever. The group is looking forward to the future, and it’s looking bright! We please ask that you would keep your heart open to how the Lord could use you to support Life Saving Decision.

Life Saving Decision is a very dynamic group that offers a vast range of musical style and talent. The group produces, promotes, and distributes all material, all profits that are made are used to grow and develop the group. Life Saving Decision would love to partner with your Venue or Church. We thank you for reviewing this press kit and ask that you would consider having Life Saving Decision be a part of your event or project.



Life Saving Decision was formed in 2005. Prior to the uniting of the group the two members Kevin Beebe and Aaron Thompson had experienced many hardships. Before turning to the Lord Jesus Christ both members had struggled with issues ranging from drug addiction to deep depression. Living life in the fast lane soon brought many problems. Group member Kevin Beebe found himself arrested for multiple drug and alcohol charges. In the last legal confrontation, Kevin was arrested for placing his secular music CD’s on car windshields. Although this was simply for promotion, his lyrics were so violent and hate filled that he was arrested and faced up to seven years in prison if convicted. Kevin is one of the only musicians to be arrested simply for their lyrical content. While in jail, Kevin was visited by a Pastor and felt God drawing him to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In that jail cell the Lord Jesus found Kevin and changed his life. After a long trial a jury found Kevin not guilty.

With a new heart and transformed life Kevin now felt called to use music to share the Gospel with the entire nation! This would prove to be the uniting of the group Life Saving Decision. Kevin soon started doing music with life long friend and musician, Aaron Thompson. Aaron had previously created music with two other Ohio bands and brought much experience to the group. With the uniting of Aaron’s genres of rock and punk music and Kevin’s genre of rap, Life Saving Decision had officially found their unique and creative sound. Life Saving Decision’s music is versatile and appeals to a wide variety of musical tastes. God has continued to guide the group in their music and message. Life Saving Decision views music as an important art form that can be used as a powerful tool in ministry. The group now tours the country using music to tell of God’s amazing transforming power through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.