Life Size Maps1

Life Size Maps1


Life Size Maps writes catchy songs filled with orchestral madness and manic energy. The band's energetic live show is complete with intertwining vocal harmonies a la Grizzly Bear, hyper-melodic electric cello and guitar, and rollicking drums.


Life Size Maps is a NYC based band that specializes in upbeat pop with orchestral flourishes and vocal harmonies. The group draws on wide-ranging influences from the Beach Boys and Arcade Fire to 20th century classical and 50's pop. The members of the group have come together after working in a variety of styles including indie rock, opera, classical, avant garde, and jazz. The core of the group consists of Mike McKeever (vocals/guitar), Robert Karpay (vocals/electric cello), and Colin Ramsey (vocals/drums). In addition to playing as a trio, the band has performed live and recorded with expanded string and wind sections and is currently working to put together live shows with Columbia University's barbershop quartet, the Kingsmen. The band has played around New York at venues such as Fontana's, the Underscore, and Postcrypt. The group has released two EP's so far and promoted them by putting them online for free download. In the past few months, the group has been playing shows voraciously and has been preparing to record a new EP and shoot a music video.


Life Size Maps- EP 1- November 2008

Life Size Maps- The Century Plant Ep- April 2009

Set List

1. Stand Still
2. When the Coast is Clear
3. Meet Me in the Shade
4. Miner's Song
5. Some Things
6. Skip on Water
7. On Familiar Streets
8. Living off the Land
9. Swells of Green
10. The Century Plant
11. Tunnel Vision
12. Car Clean Motor

All original material