Lifestory: Monologue

Lifestory: Monologue

 Guelph, Ontario, CAN
BandRockNew Age

Clashing flavours of shouted words and melodic harmonies. Soaring art-rock on tiers of the struggle to love yourself as much as you love each other. If your eyes are bigger than your stomach, that’s fine: This is a band that will fill you to the brim.


Imagine driving down the highway at breakneck speeds. A sudden gust tears off the lid to the trailer, exposing the band’s luggage and gear to the wind as it rips around the van. Yet everything holds on in defiance of the elements, and in what could have been a freak accident that cost you everything, all that you lose is a couple of spare pillows. Trials, Kismet, Elation. Lifestory: Monologue.

Lifestory: Monologue are on the cusp of realizing a work that has been years in the making: Drag Your White Fur – Make It Grey. It’s the culmination of 5 years of hard work that will once again demonstrate why this band is ready to bring their soaring and gritty art-rock to an ever growing audience.

Having braved only one lineup change since their inception, Lifestory: Monologue are proud to boast over 350 shows and 2500 albums sold. They’ve toured Ontario, Eastern Canada, and parts of the U.S. in support for some of Canada’s vibrant musical past and present, such as Fucked Up, Attack in Black, Moneen, Sight & Sounds, The Reason, The Junction and Most Serene Republic. The band’s also been able to reach out, playing dates with Crime in Stereo, Polar Bear Club, and Crippled Black Phoenix. And it doesn’t hurt to name check a performance at Canadian Music Week, or their multiple appearances at SCENE Fest and Cornerstone Festival. Thankfully Lifestory: Monologue have the chops to justify rubbing elbows with so many fantastic artists, and the new album is a chance to prove it once again.

Drag Your White Fur – Make It Grey is a direct reference to the cover of their previous offering, Hold Me In The Wind, My Friend. The two polar bears which adorned that album’s cover – like the band themselves – are older, wiser, and more experienced. But the band takes this maturity in stride, combining their positive attitudes, love for each other, and a penchant for dramatic music. They’re infusing their vocally enhanced post-rock with authentic experience and passion, raising their music to grander heights. This is to be an album that shows form, structure, and maturation directing the band, as much as the emotional weight that they convey every time they take the stage. With Kenny Bridges of Moneen on board to produce, this is truly going to be a triumphant step forward for Lifestory: Monologue.

By: Andrew Townsend


Dancing and Kisses

Written By: Richard Nuttall

Hand in hand, ankle-deep in the sand,
Eyes ablaze, we danced up a storm,
Of love and warmth!
Our smiles were the houses of light,
Circling the cliffs on the shore,
Searching for eachother.
Wave met wave and swayed
To the soothing sound,
That was the love, the love
The love we'd found!
It played on our heartstrung guitars,
And joy poured from our lips,
And we sang!

Happiness, oh happiness,
I never thought you'd exist.
Happiness, oh happiness,
I never thought you'd exist,
(In a simple dance and a kiss).

And the next time we dance,
will you hold my hand?
And the next time we kiss,
will you whisper in my ear?

"Oh! how young we've become, you and I.
We will live forever and let our bodies die."

"You crossed a line in my heart," I'll reply.
"That no one has ever crossed before..."

Wolves Behind Me

Written By: Lifestory:Monologue

I was in the sun, so proud and strong.
It didn’t take long for the clouds to grey
And the rain to break my shield.
Oh help me stand!
It was the lightning that cut my heal.

Hold me in the wind, my friend!
It’s time to let my hair down again.
I’ve been the prisoner of winter
I’ve never made a sound!
But I’m not,
Holding my breath now.

I will lift my head, to the early sun.
I will stand on edge and I will shout
“I am a man of faith, love and hate!
Try and break me, try and break me now!”

I’ll be where you can find me
Standing still in a field.
(wolves behind me)
Oh! Please just leave me be
I have a feeling I won’t be seen.
Quiet just for a little bit more
We’ll be the stones on the shore
Calm and silent, so proud and strong
Silent and calm, oh, so proud and strong.

Let’s go home today,
Back to where the wind
Will always sway our way.

I will lift my head, to the early sun.
I will stand on edge and I will shout
“I am a man of faith, love and hate!
Try and break me, try and break me now!”

Quiet just for a little bit more…


Drag Your White Fur - Make It Grey (TBA 2011)
Produced by: Kenny Bridges (of .Moneen.)

Hold Me In the Wind, My Friend EP* (October 2007)

*Available digitally on iTunes, Rhapsody and Napster and physically on

Ballad of the Maida Vale (LP) (February 2006) (Independent)


Out of Sound Records Vol. 2 (May 2006)

Available for steam at
are "Wolves Behind Me", "Dancing and Kisses" (which have garnered over 400 000 plays).

Set List

Intro(5 minutes)
Sway The Stalks (4 minutes)
Dancing and Kisses (8 minutes)
Wolves Behind Me (5 minutes)
Ultimate (5 minutes)
The Coward (5 minutes)
Candles (6 minutes)
With the Rain (4 Minutes)

*All original pieces.
*Changes depending on city/venue/time slot
*4-5 of the above songs are selected for each set