A rush of soaring strings, piano, bass, guitar, drums, and voices--a cross between Arcade Fire, Pink Floyd, and Video Game Music.


In 2007, a band was formed based on the idea:

How would normal people respond to game music?

Most people usually shrug it off, but we decided to give it a voice. To carry the melody and energy over, adding lyrics, storytelling elements, and imagery.

Every step of the way has been nothing short of an uphill battle. Getting together the six to seven band members to practice (they're all students), finding a reliable rehearsal space, recording our first LP in six hours because of clashing schedules and limited budget. In all this, there has been an obvious lesson--without the extra above and beyond hard work, nothing will be achieved.

Life(Stream) is a dedication to melody, hard work, the album, and making music intelligently. Deeply influenced by a wide range of bands and composers from Arcade Fire to Pink Floyd, Nobou Uematsu to Steve Reich and Michael Nyman, the songs always stay varied and surprising. We love doing what we do and nothing makes us happier than creating music.

With our interests far reaching, and our spirits young, we think that we've captured a unique sound we can call our own.


Exodus By Clouds

Written By: Remy Siu & Krista Gibbard

Into the bright blue sky where the balloons are treading,
I don't know where they are heading.
Just away from here is good enough.

Turn the propellers on we are going,
following the trails paved by the setting sun!
Off to find a place to call our own.

We'll catch an airstream and follow it there!

You see the world with all the wonders of a little child.
I would really wonder why.
Is it all for your mind to adjust,
against the things we've really done on this earth.

I don't know where I am going,
I don't know where I am heading.
Why do I know people like this?
What the hell is going on?

It's only the order of the things.

We'll catch an airstream and follow it there!


Written By: Krista Gibbard

See the sailboats on the ocean, darling, they were made for you and me.

With our sails unfurled, we'll travel cross the world and see all there is to see.

And when you wake and rub your eyes it's not the sandman, not the sandman.

We were building castles by the sea, by the sea.

We were sailing in your dreams cause were sailers of a different breed.

We're not afraid of waves or weather or white whales.

And when you wake and hear the birds, it's not the sparrows, it's the seagulls.

It's the surfs still crashing on the shore, they're at your door.


Written By: Remy Siu & Krista Gibbard

We are all wind up toys,
clockwork and lights and noise,
we run on dreams and fears,
that drive us onwards,
wearing our painted smiles and ties,
memos and don't walk signs,
lying through our teeth and eyes,
till we fold up in a brief case,
close shut to be filed away...

We're under a different moon,
where the light blooms in a curious way.

The buildings stretch on for miles,
and above it all we see the day.

And still we try to fly away from the paper stacks,
on wings of feathers and candle wax,
our bright ambition melts,
beneath their burning expectations,
and our vision clouds into dark hallucinations.

There Go The Lights

Written By: Remy Siu & Krista Gibbard

Click there go the lights,
there goes my mind,
there goes the neighborhood,

Look, high wired men, cross over head,
walking on power lines.

Things are so beautiful,
falling apart.
Why don't we tear it all down?
Take us anoxia,
back to the start,
divers watch we drown.

No matter what you do,
No matter what you say,
you'll be washed away,
by the sand,
by a brush of wind on the perfect skin, by a paint stroke,

by the hand that held you down, by the hand that held you down...

I'm giving you one last warning, I'm giving you one last chance...

to yield and fold.

But burn a flame that bleeds red,
in this monochrome world,
lay the tracks down on the ocean floor,
so a train can take us to a place where there is blue again,
along the shores again.
So we can see the people that are gone again,
And I'll know that I've come home.

Some day you'll find yourself alone as the world passes you by.
The warmth, the security, the familiarity,
of a place called home.
Take me where there is blue again.
Take me along the shores again.


Life(Stream) LP - 2008
Exodus By Clouds - 2009

Set List

We have songs of all types. Ambient to energetic, haunting to explosive. Our set lists are never concrete and are always changing to match the environment. This is a typical hour and a half set list:

By Rainfall
Northern Lights
There Go The Lights
The Arrival
Blue Waltz
Thoughts In A Bubble
Exodus By Clouds

This is our half our set list:

By Rainfall
Northern Lights
The Arrival
There Go The Lights
Exodus By Clouds