Life Support

Life Support

 Sydney, Nova Scotia, CAN

Life Support is a high energy, modern, alternative/rock worship ensamble who's passion is to lead people into God's presence. With their new album, the band has shaped a new, experimental sound with more complex compositions, atmospheric sonic textures, and extended instrumental explorations.


Life Support is a worship collective / “art rock” ensemble whose passion is to lead people into God’s presence. The band’s second album, “Roar of Heaven” is a thoughtful and compelling call to worship that pushes the musical and lyrical boundaries of the genre.

The bands journey began at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish N.S. when a few friends decided they wanted to change the atmosphere on campus. With a handful of instruments and an abandoned chapel, they began to gather for worship. Within two years the small group of ten exploded into hundreds of students. Many lives were radically changed; God’s Kingdom had begun to invade.

Life Support consists of Deanna Leil (vocals/synths, Alex Stephen (vocals/synths), Chris Lively (bass), Jordan Mattie (guitars/vocals), Rob Reid (guitars/vocals), and Matt Stride (drums).

Life Support has been together for five years and has since moved beyond the walls of St. Francis Xavier University to become missionaries to Canada. The band has been touring their country full time for two years, partnering with organizations for major conferences such as Toronto’s Mission Fest, Global Day of Prayer, BCOQ's Blizzard, Jesus To The Nations, Maritime Youth Convention, and East Coast Convention with Franklin Graham. They are also actively involved in ministering to churches, youth groups, camps, and retreats.

Life Support released their full-length debut in April 2006. Mixed and mastered by Tim Abraham at the Hive in Toronto, the album picked up a nomination for a 2007 East Coast Music Award under "Gospel Recording of the Year." Their song “Out Of Order” was also nominated for a 2006 Canadian Gospel Music Award for “Rock Song of the Year”.

For their second album the band joined forces with Tim again. This time he took on the role of producer, engineer, and mixer. They also teamed up with Craig Douglas (The Craig Douglas Band / The Meeting House) and both Tim and Craig lent a hand to composition. The band spent the spring and summer of 2007 writing and reworking material for their sophomore release. Through the pre-production process, the band began shaping a new, experimental sound with more complex compositions, atmospheric sonic textures, and extended instrumental explorations. The result could be called “art rock” worship, and draws on the influences of Mute Math, Switchfoot, and Hillsong United. The album picked up a 2009 JUNO Nomination and a 2009 East Coast Music Award Nomination. Their song "Roar Of Heaven" reached #1 on the Canadian Christian Music Charts and stayed there for 2 months.

It was Life Support’s desire with this album to capture the sounds of Heaven, creating music that will be an expression and extension of the Kingdom, and ultimately bring glory to God!

The album was recorded between the Hive and Metalworks Studios, Toronto and mastered by Phil Demetro (Our Lady Peace, The Trews) at Lacquer Channel, Toronto. J.T. Daly (Mute Math) of Nashville took care of the album artwork and design.


Made For This

Written By: Life Support


In every moment, my coming and my going
My life will worship You
Your love my focus, giving me my purpose
My days are praise to You
I live my meaning, far beyond existing
Your mercy shines through me
You draw me deeper, Your voice is getting louder
I hear You calling me

I fall before You
We were made for this
Love and adore You
We were made for this
I’ll glorify You
We were made for this
We were made for You

Your love our focus, giving us our purpose
Our days are praise to You
You draw us deeper, our voices getting louder
We’re here to worship You

We were made for You

Roar of Heaven

Written By: Life Support


To Him who sits upon the throne
And holds the stars in His hands
It’s He who gave His life for me
I cannot understand, I cannot understand
To Him who parted day from night
And wrote all history
And now You’ve come to live with us
Redeeming everything, redeeming everything

I hear the roar of heaven
Declaring all things are made new
The groaning of creation
Becoming shouts of praise to You

To Him who holds the keys of life
Whose love has conquered death
I wanna give You all I am
For Your cross instead, for Your cross instead

Your kingdom come, will be done, here on earth
Your kingdom come, will be done, here with us


Written By: Life Support

King of kings, Everything
Lover of our souls
Word of life, God most high
Our Savior Jesus Christ

And our hearts fill with praise, just to say our name

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, to the Lord
Hallelujah, Hallelujah to the Lord

Prince of Peace, Our high priest
Majesty and Might
God within, Closest friend
Our Savior Jesus Christ

We know Your name
We shout Your fame, always
You’ve shown your face
Revealed Your ways, today
Lord we lift Your name, we lift Your name


Written By: Life Support

I wanna be a revolutionary
On my knees, I’m fighting for my country
I wanna be, the one You made me to be
Awakening the hero of You in me
Let Your love be the revolution

Turn around
Let it show the world will know
Turn around
More than words Your life is heard

Here we are now
Hear His call to turn the world upside down
Be the revolution
Here we are now
Take our lives to turn the world upside down
Be the revolution

Move in me to see the world that You see
Offering my life to the needy
Move in me to love the one who hates me
Radically changing by Your mercy
Let Your love be the revolution

Turn around live it out
You are the revolution

New Again

Written By: Life Support

You came and died
Gave Your life completely
With You crucified
This world cannot hold me

All the broken and the dislocated pieces
Are fixed and fit together in this love that saves us

(New again) You have reclaimed me
(New again) Your spirit remakes me
(Change me) Into the image and likeness of You
(I need to be)
(New again) You have reclaimed me
(New again) Your spirit remakes me
(New again) Until the father makes all things new

You came inside
Changed my life completely
With You raised to life
This world does not know me

New, all things new, You make

Your Love In The World

Written By: Life Support

With open arms to those around us
In the broken show us Jesus

This is where You are, the face of those in need
This is where we start, to live what we believe

We’ll be the face of mercy
We’ll be Your grace for all to see
We’ll be, We’ll be
Your love in the world
We’ll be, the hands of mercy
We’ll be, Your hope for all to see
We’ll be, We’ll be
Your love in the world

We know pain and we’ve seen failure
We know healing in our Savior

(Whoa, Whoa) I was sick, You came to see me
(Whoa, Whoa) I was hungry and You fed me
(Whoa, Whoa) I was homeless and You helped me
(Whoa, Whoa) I was lonely and You loved me

Where I Belong

Written By: Life Support

Alone with You, just one on one
I’ve been longing, to know Your love
Outside of this, all else fails
More than feelings, your love remains

Everything I’ve wanted, I find right where You are
And as I fall before You, You calm my restless heart

This is where I belong
Here in Your love, finally I am found
You pull me in so deep
Now I can see where I’m meant to be

I’m overwhelmed, by this peace
The truth revealing His love for me

In Your love
This is where I’m found
Right here in Your love
This is where I’m found
Meant to be we’re meant to be

Nothing But The Blood

Written By: Robert Lowry

What can wash away my sin
Nothing but the blood of Jesus
What can make me whole again
Nothing but the blood of Jesus

Oh precious is the flow
That makes me white as snow
No other fount I know
Nothing but the blood of Jesus

Nothing can for sin atone,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus;
Naught of good that I have done,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus

This is all my hope and peace
Nothing but the blood of Jesus;
This is all my righteousness,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus


Written By: Life Support


All around is evidence of You
Every breath is proof that You are true
To Him who has no needs and satisfies all mine
I raise my heart and praise You with my life

I find freedom in You Lord
When I return what’s truly Yours

I give You all of me
And everything I hope to be is Yours
Everything is Yours
You gave it all for free
So I give back what You gave me
It’s Yours, everything is Yours
(Everything I am, Everything I need, it’s all Yours)
(Cause that’s what You gave me)

All the earth is moving in Your hands
Every life has purpose in Your plans
Who are we to hold Your glory for our own
I find my life when I let it go

Everything, Everything, Everything
It’s all Yours


Debut release: "Life Support"

Sophomore release: "Roar of Heaven"

Radio single: "Made For This" from "Roar of Heaven"

Streaming samples can be heard at:

Set List

Life Support play two worship sets ranging from high energy modern worship to gentle reflective songs. They will adjust to fit into any type of event ranging from Sunday morning church services, youth worship events, to outreach and concert type events. The band is highly adaptable and will adjust to suit the needs of the the event coordinators.