Life The Great
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Life The Great

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Band Hip Hop World




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"In Search of The Perfect song feat. The World the album was released in November 2010

"Mermaid" the single was released in July 2010

The UltraSound" was released in 2009



Does anyone make Real music anymore?
This has been a topic in the hip hop community for a long while now and the answer is clear, the artist you seek is Life The Great (L.T.G).   Hailing from Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, L.T.G.  is the first of his family to be born in the States.   Both of his parents were born and raised in the west African country of Sierra Leone .  Being no stranger to struggling, as he dealt with his parents starting a new beginning (in the United States), L.T.G. was almost forced to express his feelings artistically; so he began his journey of writing music in the late 80’s.  Deeply inspired by artists such as LL cool J, Rakim, Geto Boys and Bob Marley, L.T.G.  found himself unknowingly molding  the incredible hip hop artist that we hear today.  His plan is tedious yet feasible to Destroy, rebuild and inspire.  L.T.G. places himself with the elite few that understand the formula of making timeless music .
His past projects include “The UltraSound” where L.T.G.  took us on a ear roller coaster of songs inspired by the 1980’s. His debut single “Stupid Fresh” caught the attention of the world with its retro synth sound and throwback references. He also pushed the 1980’s movement further  by shooting an elaborate video that included the De Lorean (back to the future car) and ton of 80’s fashion and dancing.   Avoiding being placed in category of faddish music (which he knew would be the case before even starting the album) he decided that he would do something that at the time no artist had ever done.  In the summer of July 2008 L.T.G. created his own month calling it “JuLife” where he destroyed the internet releasing a new song everyday for the entire month of July.  After 31 new records were under his belt he embarked on a new journey of entertaining record deals.
Just as his patience peeked a situation came which allowed L.T.G. to ultimately get distribution for his label on a global scale.  As  months of negotiations ended L.T.G realized that this situation would not be a permanent home for him and so it was back to the shopping drawing board and creating more fans.  L.T.G   began working on his highly anticipated 2ndproject.  According to L.T.G.  this album will be the  moment in history where music in general changes.  The album Is titled “In Search of the perfect song feat. the World”.