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Influenced by Tool & Deftones to Radiohead & Muse, our music is cradled by heavy riffs and requiem-like melodies, and can take you from an intense break down to a slow brooding stomp. We THRIVE on performing live and take every opportunity to do so. Indie album: WHEN THE TRUTH COMES OUT (June 06)


Rising from dead bands past is Life Theoretic . This band is inviting you to listen and keep an open mind.

Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, the five-piece band has collectively been together since July of 2005. Despite the members' short time together, Life Theoretic has already accomplished quite the number of things, including the launch of their own website; numerous live performances and showcases in and around Toronto (at venues such as Club 279, Healey's, The Mod Club and The Drake Hotel); and one of the band’s greatest accomplishments to date, the launch of their independent album When the Truth Comes Out (June 06 release).

More recently, Life Theoretic was selected to play two high profile music festivals: Toronto Indie Week in October 2006, and shortly after that, Canadian Music Week in March 2007. Life Theoretic was one of the few bands selected from literally the hundreds of bands that applied to both festivals. The band’s growing presence in the Toronto indie music scene has also helped them secure a solid sponsorship with Jägermeister Liqueur. And although Life Theoretic’s presence continues to grow in their home town, the band is branching out: Life Theoretic has begun to receive light to medium air play on several radio stations across Canada; from Vancouver to Halifax and everywhere in between.

The most impressive aspect of the band’s growing resume is that they have done it all fully independently, without the help of outside management, representation, or producers.

Regardless of what the band has already accomplished, the members' goals continue to be lofty and ambitious. Their most immediate objectives are simple, direct and three-fold. The first: to attract a wide array of listeners and to connect on a more intimate and personal level with their fans. The second: to attract a credible and established producer willing to take on their unique sounds and help the band elevate their music to the proverbial next level. The last and by far certainly not the least: to get their name and music out there and into the hands and heads of listeners. They hope to accomplish this through the (free) distribution of their music on the internet, through the sales of their new album, through indie spot-light radio play, and their relentless pursuit of performing live at any and all venues and locations, and for all audiences.

Since its inception, the band has aspired to create music that is unique and eclectic. The members' backgrounds and personalities may be diverse, but their collective effort is focused: they are determined to write and perform captivating & inspirational songs that feature melody with various tonal shifts and arrangements. With influences ranging from Tool, the Deftones and Finger Eleven to Radiohead, Muse and Portishead, the band believes their music cannot be pigeon holed into any one musical genre or scene. Drawing inspiration from all aspects of life, they use their passion for music as a driving creative force.

Regardless of what the music invokes, it is in the band’s live performances where the intensity of their music and desire is felt. Life Theoretic thrives to perform live, taking every opportunity that presents itself to do so. Live, with their off-stage smiles faded, the band puts on a show filled with a wave of sonic emotion, drawing you in - whether it's an intense breakdown, a slow brooding stomp or a requiem like melody. You listen to the curse of five minds scripting with one pen and hear an attempt to find substance in the daily struggles of life - the struggles of life that triggered so many genius conversations drowned in whiskey and wine. You realize this band, without denying it, simply stole those conversations and put them to song. Not that they found the answers to things you couldn't, or that they tried to force their views and philosophies on you. Rather, they just tried to find meaning in the same experiences we all live. The band’s ferociousness on stage is only mirrored by their humility off stage, in understanding the commitment, resilience and necessary heartache it takes to become truly accomplished and worthy musical artists.

Ultimately, the band hopes that through their music, you come to an understanding......that all things in life you thought you knew, the truths you thought you had figured out.....its all just theory.....a sobering theory.....a life theoretic.

But then again, understanding is a transitory concept. When you think you have it, it's gone....

Life Theoretic humbly thanks you for your audience and support.

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June 2006 full length debut : WHEN THE THE TRUTH COMES OUT

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Set List

Our typical set list is between 7 - 10 depending on the event. Our sets range from 40 - 50 mins.

We currently have 16 original songs:
1) Choke Panic Blues
2) Nostaglia
3) The Ravages of Life
4) Take Cover
5) Indie Queen
6) The Infinite Addiction
7) Above Ground
8) The Chevy Affair
9) Shiver
10) Concerns
11) Flatlined
12) Shame
13) Answers
14) Mayhem
15) Come Out Fighting
16) Fallen Heroes

We rarely perform covers, but when we do, they are usually songs written by one of our main influences (see bio).