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Concert Reviews
Life Theoretic – CD Release
@ Club 279, June 2, 2006

Club 279 on a Friday night. A band takes the stage. Off to the side, the lead vocalist, on one knee, subtly makes the sign of the cross, then moves toward the mic to start the sonic assault. And so the CD release show for Toronto band Life Theoretic’s When the Truth Comes Out begins.

Life Theoretic rose from the ashes of various other musical projects over the past few years. They’ve been together as a band just under a year, but their musicianship and dedication to their art really comes across in how together they are as a live act. They offer extremely polished, in your face, heavy melodic alt rock. They’ve also garnered a strong and loyal following, with Club 279 at capacity the entire night, and over 400 people in attendance over the course of the show. They’re definitely a part of the recent renaissance of bands very clearly influenced by 90s alternative greats like Tool, Stone Temple Pilots and Alice in Chains, bands who have added new life to the sound and brought it into the new millennium.

Lead vocalist Samer Hattar is a born frontman, taking control on stage without being over the top. Their music is infectious, with “Above Ground” being a clear favourite among the crowd that night, as well as the get your lighters ready ballad “Shiver”, with its early Incubus vibe. Now their on stage banter could improve a bit, but that comes with time, and it didn’t take anything away from the quality of this show.

Life Theoretic is one of those acts that could easily take the main stage at any large festival and totally rock the pants off the crowd, so I suggest checking them out while they’re still playing the club circuit. Check them out July 20th at the El Mocambo.

To learn more about Life Theoretic, visit, or

- Melissa Girimonte, Toonage Magazine;

Life Theoretic has recently signed on with credible publicist, Last Tango Productions.

Last Tango will work on behalf of Life Theoretic with radio stations and music magazines across Canada to help build national exporsure and interest.

More to come.... - Last Tango Productions

If there’s one disc that was released in 2006 that I’ve recommended to almost everyone I know, it’s Life Theoretic’s debut, When the Truth Comes Out. These 10 very well crafted tunes (plus a surprise bonus track) create one of the most comprehensive albums I’ve ever heard from a local independent act. If you like bands like Incubus or Finger Eleven, Life Theoretic is worth adding to your MP3 player to listen to again and again. So after 6 months of informal verbal reviews, it’s about time I write a formal review of this disc!

Life Theoretic proves with this disc that they have range, and they incorporate a myriad of influences into a very coherent, well put together album, complete with potential hit singles, crowd favourites and hidden gems. The rockin’ starts with the first track, “The Chevy Affair” and doesn’t end until the last notes of “Shiver”. “Indie Queen” has the makings of an alternative hit, and could potentially cross over to hit the ears of more mainstream music listeners. “Concerns” is another very strong tune that really showcases lead singer Samer Hattar’s top notch vocals, as well as some awesome drumming from Travis Woods. They even take the music to a bluesy, almost Zeppelin-esque vibe with the intro to “Choke Panic Blues”. Their sound is appealing to both young music fans, and more mature music lovers who miss that mid to late 90s alternative rock vibe.

The power and energy of their live performance, for anyone who has seen this band live, translates very effectively to their recorded material, proving that they have a very good chance of not just being a flash in the pan, flavour of the month Toronto scene it-band. They have something more – an element of staying power. Life Theoretic could “theoretically” be a band to gain a global following, and not just make waves locally.

4.5 out of 5

Link: - Melissa Girimonte, Toonage Magazine;

Heavy, progressive and ambient. That’s the first thing that came to my mind when I popped in this one. when the truth comes out is the independent release by life theoretic, a band that has had a short life-span together (formed in July 2005), but their music speaks of power and necessary loudness, something every good heavy band needs.

Life theoretic comprises Travis Woods on drums, Gaetano Iacono – bass, B3 and harp, Jason Wozney on guitars, Alfredo Bruno Magnante – guitars, backing vocals and Samer Hattar on lead vocals.

I’d like to say for the record, that this is one new band where the vocals stood out as against the norm, great vocal melodies intermixed with some solid screams, and I really liked Samer’s approach to vocals – consistent variation in the melody lines; here’s a guy that can sing.

I’d prefer to stay away from categorizing this band as every band is different; I will say that this album was laden with subtle timing changes, refined use of various guitar styles and effects, and finally strong vocals.

The guitars had a great solid tone to it - not too much bass, just the right amount of mids. There was some well-crafted interplay between both guitarmen, and the drums had a solid, clear punch to it (loved the sound of the kick and snare). That was the production side of things, but these guys know how to play, and play they can!

‘The Chevey Affair’ gets right into this full-on steady beat, heavy riffing and the occasional scream (nicely done I must say). Good choice on the break-down right before the chorus, the cymbal work by Travis is just superbly tasteful. Just when you think that the song is over, there’s another timing change which leads to the outro, it was three songs in one.

For the bluesman in all of us, check out the groove in ‘Indie Queen’ and the slick intro (harmonica and all), followed by one hell on an infectious beat on ‘Choke Panic Blues’, with a wicked double-kick here and there.

‘The Infinit Addiction’ has a solid timing that just builds from verse to chorus, not to mention this bizarre chord that signals a change to the bridge, accented by another timing change. Then out of nowhere comes this scream to give credence to one heck of a slow groove. Can’t get any better than this!

I think my favourite song on this album was ‘Concerns’, the switch in guitar tones from verse to chorus, especially the short-lived octave run in the chorus, back into that catchy semi-clean tone that keeps the verse going. And to crown it all off, there’s a killer vocal harmony at the close of the chorus, it brings the song to its end, repeating the line ‘Can’t you see I’m still alive?’ I think I played that song about 15 times already.

To date the band has played numerous live performances and showcases at venues such as Club 279, The Mod Club and The Drake Hotel. The band also played Toronto Indie Week in 2006. The band is totally Indie - having done everything so far without the help of outside management or representation. This is definitely a band that knows what their doing and can stand on their own.

To finish, I’d like to take a paragraph from the band’s bio, and I quote ‘Ultimately, the band hopes that through their music, you come to an understanding…that all things in life you thought you knew, the truths you thought you had figured out…its all just theory…a sobering theory…a life theory…life theoretic. But then again, understanding is a transitory concept. When you think you have it, it’s gone…’

Well said.


- Francesco Emmanuel, The Muse's Muse;

Alt-rockers Life Theoretic play at DC Music's Third Year Anniversary and Women's Habitat benefit show tomorrow night at The Vatikan. - The Toronto Sun

3 out of 5


What do you get when you mix one part vocal stylings reminiscent of Incubus, two parts heavy guitar chords, and five part passion? Life Theoretic. But what makes this band unique? It can't be their predictable influences of Tool, Radiohead, and Deftones. It must be their undeniable passion. Life Theoretic produced this album completely independently - no managers, no producers, nothing, and that is what makes them fantastic.

Link: - Stacey McQuillan (Dover Bay, Nanaimo, B.C.), You Think Magazine


It hasn’t even been two years since Toronto’s Life Theoretic rose from the ashes of various defunct bands and yet this quintet has already released an album within a year of forming and is ready to attack the industry. In that time, they’ve also played countless shows at various well-known establishments around their home-town including their inclusion at the Toronto Indie Week 2006.

Although the band cites artists like Tool, Muse, the Deftones, finger eleven and Radiohead (among others) as influences, after listening to “When The Truth Comes Out” a number of times, there is definitely a resemblance to Incubus in both vocals and musical technique. They definitely make the songs their own, often changing styles from one song to another. They also incorporate eclectic elements to some of their songs, most apparent on the song “Above Ground”.

Meanwhile, one might presuppose that “Choke Panic Blues” is blues infused and although the intro certainly confirms that notion, the song primarily mixes a heavy guitar-rock sound that masks the blues influence without overwhelming it. It’s songs like this and “Nostalgia” that showcase this group’s straight-up emotion-laden songs that they hope will set them apart from most other acts.

Considering that this album was recorded and produced all on their own, it’s an impressive testament to their abilities. Plus, who knows how much Life Theoretic can improve if they manage to break into the industry and gain the assistance of accomplished producers and the like.


- KMNR Music News Weekly, January 31, 2007,

Toronto's Life Theoretic taps into the spirit of all things 90's on their new CD, When The Truth Comes Out.

There are plenty of grungy detuned guitars from Woz and Alfredo and powerful, impassioned vocals reminiscent of Incubus mixed with Tool with plenty of melody which is surprising for a nü metal style band.

There are also plenty of ambient, chorused riffs and even a touch of reggae for variety.

It's catchy, it's interesting and the vocalist, Samer sounds like he is walking on the precipice of madness. Kind of like Tool actually.

Because they have so many different sounds, the CD clicks along in just over a half an hour without boring the listener, though the music does bore itself
into the brain.

-By Richard Amery
CD When The Truth Comes Out
Band: Life Theoretic
Genre: Rock
Bottom Line: Tool meets Incubus
*** 1/2

Link: - Richard Amery, Daily Miner & News (Kenora, BC);

LIFE THEORETIC's Indie album WHEN THE TRUTH COMES OUT debuts on CFOU 89.1 FM's (Trois Rivieres, Quebec) Top 30 at #25!

Go to, menu option "PALMARES" and look in the archived charts. The week of February 16th to February 22nd 2007.

WHEN THE TRUTH COMES OUT had moved up to #16 as of the week of March 23 to March 30, 2007. - CFOU 89.1 FM - Week of February 16th to 22nd, 2007


June 2006 full length debut : WHEN THE THE TRUTH COMES OUT

selected album tracks streaming @



Rising from dead bands past is Life Theoretic . This band is inviting you to listen and keep an open mind.

Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, the five-piece band has collectively been together since July of 2005. Despite the members' short time together, Life Theoretic has already accomplished quite the number of things, including the launch of their own website; numerous live performances and showcases in and around Toronto (at venues such as Club 279, Healey's, The Mod Club and The Drake Hotel); and one of the band’s greatest accomplishments to date, the launch of their independent album When the Truth Comes Out (June 06 release).

More recently, Life Theoretic was selected to play two high profile music festivals: Toronto Indie Week in October 2006, and shortly after that, Canadian Music Week in March 2007. Life Theoretic was one of the few bands selected from literally the hundreds of bands that applied to both festivals. The band’s growing presence in the Toronto indie music scene has also helped them secure a solid sponsorship with Jägermeister Liqueur. And although Life Theoretic’s presence continues to grow in their home town, the band is branching out: Life Theoretic has begun to receive light to medium air play on several radio stations across Canada; from Vancouver to Halifax and everywhere in between.

The most impressive aspect of the band’s growing resume is that they have done it all fully independently, without the help of outside management, representation, or producers.

Regardless of what the band has already accomplished, the members' goals continue to be lofty and ambitious. Their most immediate objectives are simple, direct and three-fold. The first: to attract a wide array of listeners and to connect on a more intimate and personal level with their fans. The second: to attract a credible and established producer willing to take on their unique sounds and help the band elevate their music to the proverbial next level. The last and by far certainly not the least: to get their name and music out there and into the hands and heads of listeners. They hope to accomplish this through the (free) distribution of their music on the internet, through the sales of their new album, through indie spot-light radio play, and their relentless pursuit of performing live at any and all venues and locations, and for all audiences.

Since its inception, the band has aspired to create music that is unique and eclectic. The members' backgrounds and personalities may be diverse, but their collective effort is focused: they are determined to write and perform captivating & inspirational songs that feature melody with various tonal shifts and arrangements. With influences ranging from Tool, the Deftones and Finger Eleven to Radiohead, Muse and Portishead, the band believes their music cannot be pigeon holed into any one musical genre or scene. Drawing inspiration from all aspects of life, they use their passion for music as a driving creative force.

Regardless of what the music invokes, it is in the band’s live performances where the intensity of their music and desire is felt. Life Theoretic thrives to perform live, taking every opportunity that presents itself to do so. Live, with their off-stage smiles faded, the band puts on a show filled with a wave of sonic emotion, drawing you in - whether it's an intense breakdown, a slow brooding stomp or a requiem like melody. You listen to the curse of five minds scripting with one pen and hear an attempt to find substance in the daily struggles of life - the struggles of life that triggered so many genius conversations drowned in whiskey and wine. You realize this band, without denying it, simply stole those conversations and put them to song. Not that they found the answers to things you couldn't, or that they tried to force their views and philosophies on you. Rather, they just tried to find meaning in the same experiences we all live. The band’s ferociousness on stage is only mirrored by their humility off stage, in understanding the commitment, resilience and necessary heartache it takes to become truly accomplished and worthy musical artists.

Ultimately, the band hopes that through their music, you come to an understanding......that all things in life you thought you knew, the truths you thought you had figured out.....its all just theory.....a sobering theory.....a life theoretic.

But then again, understanding is a transitory concept. When you think you have it, it's gone....

Life Theoretic humbly thanks you for your audience and support.

Visit the band @: