Life Withheld

Life Withheld

 San Diego, California, USA

Life Withheld is a band made up of 4 members and plays mostly metal-core with some progressive twists and minimal breakdowns. From fast thrashy riffs to slow, soulful interludes, Life Withheld has it all!


This is the place where you're supposed to say how groundbreaking and original your band is. With most bands it's not the case. I don't know if we are. That's for you to decide. If you like the bands Darkest Hour, Poison The Well, Converge, Envy, or From Ashes Rise, you might like us. If you absolutely hate bands with screaming, then you will hate us. If you fall under the former category, take a listen to our sloppy demo, follow this page for show information, and keep an eye out for our debut full length The Wound That Never Heals.


All we have out right now is a semi shitty demo called "This is our Demo" with our 3 first songs on it.