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"Pure energetic fun!"

"With just enough unpredictability to keep things
interesting, but not so much that you can't follow, the band
Lift has created an infectious and upbeat collection of folk-
rock songwriting with their debut album “Falling over
Backward”. Lift's strong, syncopated and melodic bass lines,
simple and steady acoustic rhythms, colorful electric riffs,
and powerful yet controlled drum beats combine, producing
music that is fresh and bright-spirited. The intelligent
lyrics and articulate songwriting by vocalist Ben Crawford is
showcased in a wide range of emotional expressions. Songs
like “And By the Way” and “Coming Home” are sensitive without
being gushy. Others like “Mexico” and “Make up your Mind”
express pure energetic fun, while “Mended,” with lyrics by
drummer Chad Evans, is tinged with sorrow and sympathy,
without losing optimism through emphatic lines like “to good
to be true/ but too true to not be.” “Father to Father”
and “Lonely Man's Dream” are sure to be favorites. Overall,
this band achieves the right balance between casual and
contemplative, inviting and intense. One of the strongest
performances on the album is probably their hidden track,
which conveys a live display of the band's simple, honest
musical talent." - Robyn Leah Case, 98.7 WSLN

"Noteable Reviews by Don Thomason"

"This Richmond, Indiana band describe their approach to music making as “drawing from the quiet but ever-present rumblings of America’s heartland and the bustle of the busy city life” combined with “a genuine interest of the human condition.” What comes forth on this disc is a restrained acoustic-based rock that seems to mix Barenaked Ladies, Dave Matthews, and Paul Simon. Bookended by catchy rhythmic tracks “Father to Father” and “Lonely Man’s Dream,” Lift explores themes such as openness in the face of hurt (“Invincible”), what we pass on (“Father to Father”), and several soul-searches, love searches, or both." - The Amplifier

"Lift your hands up in the air and get your acoustic rock on!"

Scoring chicks and making money, living fast and dying young, isn’t that what rock music is all about?
Not according to the guys from the band Lift. Hailing from, "the space between Dayton and Indianapolis," Ben Crawford, Nathan O. Milligan, Chad Evans and Matt "Mook" Smith emerged to "write songs that help to inspire, encourage, and warm the hearts of listeners," according to their Web site.And while a band that begins their press kit with the statement "We are dull. We don’t have wild parties. We don’t wreck hotel rooms," may seem the antithesis of cool, a listen of their first full-length release Falling Over Backward proves otherwise.The 12 tracks on Falling Over Backward, all written and produced by band members themselves, possess a quiet but affecting musical presence. The vibe is chilled out, but passionate. While the songs touch on themes of spirituality and faith, they seem universally applicable and honest, instead of coming across preachy and didactic. Lift mixes acoustic-feeling sounds with heart on sleeve lyrics creating the enjoyable candid ambiance that shrouds the album. While it attempts to steer clear of "violence, greed, drugs and sex," which constitutes the majority of top 40 radio, Lift is not above singing about love. On "Mended," Crawford wails "I’ve never cried so much without feeling sad/ The tears wash away the pain that I had/ Watering the happiness that is growing inside." Lift claims to sing about "strengthening bonds with people around you, and giving all you have to a stranger in need, and staying true in personal relationships." These ideals seem pretty lofty and cerebral, but the end product of Falling Over Backward seems to hit on the target points of human emotion. This includes heartbreak, as love seldom comes without it. On "Make Up Your Mind," the song begins "You let me down/ I fell flat on my face/ You made me see/ You needed some space." Not ones to dwell on the downside, the song keeps a positive spin on waiting for that someone to come around. "Can I be the one to fortune tell/ and put your life at just as well/ and leave a scar on your heart/ or will I just be shoved to the sidelines/ like I have the other times/ I just want you to know/ I’ll never let you go."Lift is currently touring the Cincinnati and Dayton Trail.Lucky for us, their wagon is stopping in Oxford this Saturday. Anyone wishing can come experience Lift at 10 p.m. at Kofenya. According to the band, "It is our sincere hope that you will find yourself in a better place after each listen." After Saturday night, we’ll see if you are.

Emily Close
The Amusement
Miami University
Oxford, OH

- The Amusement


2002 "Demo Sessions"
2004 "falling over backward"
June 2004 "Father to Father" single from "f.o.b." released
2006 "Brothers & Sisters" EP
-New full length album coming in '07-

-CD's available:



Residing on the stretch of highway that connects East to West is a band you may have heard of. LIFT is not your typical rock band. This is a group of 4 musicians who not only have a passion to produce the best music they can, but a genuine interest in the human condition.
It is here, beside the long endless highway where so many have passed, that LIFT has created their unique sound. Drawing from the quiet, but ever-present rumblings of America’s heartland and the bustle of the busy city life around them, LIFT has been bringing their blend to ears across the region since 2002 with a genuine ingrained Midwestern charm. Reminiscent of bands such as U2, Paul Simon, David Gray and Barenaked Ladies, LIFT brings a show that is not only pleasing to the ears, but gives the listener the chance to get to know the band on a more intimate level rather than just as audience and
entertainer. Humor, sincerity, laughter and great sounds are what draw fans to the live show.

In the summer of 2004 LIFT released their debut album, ‘Falling over Backward’. Since the release of the album, LIFT has sold over 600 copies of the album with constant touring and without the help of any major distribution channels. LIFT has certainly been gaining momentum and fans along the way.

The band's latest release "Brothers & Sisters", a benefit project for villages in Sierra Leone, Africa, sold over 100 copies in less than a month after it was released.

With Ben Crawford on acoustic guitar, Nathan O. Milligan on lead guitar, Chad Evans on drums and Mook on Bass, the infectious rhythm can only take you in one direction, up. One fan has said, “It took only ONE minute to love you guys!” Certainly not a sentiment heard by many bands these days. And once you hear LIFT, you’ll feel the same way.

'2002 Winner 94.9 Tiger (Ohio) Battle of the Bands'
'2007 Winner 4th Floor Blues Club Battle of the Bands'