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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Small finals, great scene"

The night would not hve been comlplete without a band that blends cultures in this great nation of yours(I should have told you I'm from the far, far away land). Lifted took the stage and taught us a lesson in hip hop, with acoustic guitar, a bass player with more grove in his balls than most peole I know and a drummer that was fantastic( to say the least). They were accompanied by vocals with feel and pasion. These boys were the kings of the stage. The performance can be summed up by one of the colleagues on the VIP Judge panel who said "This is worth the price of the ticket."

Roger Mac Florence- 30 May 2005 - Emergenza


Lifted has recently released their first EP "In House Specials" on May 14 2005.



Lifted was formed in 1997 in Pittsburgh, PA. Like most bands Lifted strived to be ROCK STARS, but as years passed it was the love for what we do that kept us alive. Still today, with all of its original members, Lifted continues to create ground breaking music.
Lifted has just released there much anticipated debut album, In House Specials, that’s got Pittsburgh nodding there head in approval and quite frankly you can’t help not to nod your head when listening to the album. They draw on hip hop and rock influences that when fused together creates a sound that anyone in the range of 13yrs young – 60 yrs old can appreciate and take a positive out of what they hear. Whether you like great lyrical skills or just the music alone, it’s a guarantee that Lifted will fulfill those needs and their live performance is second to none.
Lifted is one of those rare bands that comes along and defies tradition by refusing to be categorized. Lifted is playing and sending the message that their “Flow Rock” style of music is ready to be placed at the forefront of the music industry. So if you only see one concert this year, make it the Lifted experience. They are so much more than just a band.
Lifted is curently seeking management, marketing, and as many shows as we can get. Lifted is willing to travel anywhere we have to in order to keep playing.