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" - Album Review"

"Among the more disturbing things about four hundred pound gorillas are the lengths to which people will go to ignore their presence. The raw jazz jam band vibe of Lifted's debut, Lounge Rap Music - Vol. 1, will inevitably draw comparisons to the first outings of another renowned hip-hop band..."

"..The obective is to provide a musical respite to the redundant thuggery inundating the airwaves. By providing a broad range of sounds ranging from soothing to celebratory to bombastic, Lifted achieves its goal in an impressive fashion."

"..This is is quite possibly the most complete hip hop band since The Roots. And what's more, they seem dedicated to exploring the bounds of hip hop jazz. Lounge Rap Music is definitely an auspicious maiden voyage."

~Adam Roussell
Internet Hip Hop Magazine
2006 -

"The Boston Weekly Dig"

"In the Hip-Hop world, organic live bands are few and far between. But since the recent rise in popularity of live Hip-Hop bands like The Roots, bands that fit this category have become increasingly sought after. Lifted is a band that many refer to as the top Hip-Hop crew in Boston. They have a distinct sound that sets the 9-piece outfit apart. They call their unique sound "LOUNGE RAP", which blends their hip-hop foundation with elements of jazz, funk, and dum and bass."

Joseph Gell
The Boston Weekly Dig
2004 - The Boston Weekly Dig

"88.9 WERS"

"Not only can Lifted rock a crowd right, but they embody what is most important, they play with their own instruments and write their own rhymes. A true organic Hip-Hop band, these boys sound professional when they perform live, they are on point. If you are a Hip-Hop lover, a jam band fanatic, or a jazz head, this band is perfect for you."

"..Everyone should go out and find this band! I guarantee you will be pleased."

"Ms. Anna"
Anna Sumilat
Hip-Hop DJ: 88.9 @ night
Boston, MA.
2005 - WERS 88.9 FM RADIO, Boston


Lifted Crew released their long awaited LP LoungeRap Music Vol. 1 in April 2006

It can be purchased and previewed online @---



Lifted Crew created Lounge Rap Music in 2001.
Now, your probably wondering what that is......let us explain.....
Take some Wu-Tang and Pete Rock.....mix that up....
Then take some Tower of Power and some James Brown.....shake slowly....
After both are mixed...
Pour them together...
This is Lounge Rap Music.....
Lifted Crew bring's you a very original sound that has proven succesful and party provoking....
Dont get it twisted.....
Lounge Rap isn't's smooth.
.....see for yourself.........

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