Lifted & Gifted

Lifted & Gifted

 Los Angeles, California, USA
BandHip HopR&B

L&G stands for Lifted & Gifted, meaning our souls have been lifted into the sky, and our minds have been filled with unmatchable abilities and knowledge. Our instirations can come from absolutely any situation. our thoughts always bring something about. Completely independent music. positive living


From the beginning we have created over 250 songs completely from own minds. We produce our own beats, write our own lyrics, and mix and master every track down to the very last second. We do everything ourselves and remain completely independent. We also have made over 100 videos/slideshows shot and created by the L&G team ( $0.00 budget ) . As lyricist, our words and emotions speak best for us. We have created our own genre called WET music. completely unique, pure, positive music.
We are pure, focused, multi-talented people who are extremely determined to better the lives of all the people who aren't content with their own. Our music is made from the passion inside, and not an attempt to get rich and selfish.
peace, Love , L&G


Seeing is believing.

-over 130 videos, simple shots from only a macbook camera, created completely by us.

-Six albums since january 1, 2011

amazon, last fm, rhapsody, jango airplay, etc...