Lifted Mindz

Lifted Mindz

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
BandAlternativeHip Hop

Lifted Mindz is not a band. It is an idea. It is a dream. It is a cloud of smoke, a few notebook pages and a microphone. Lifted Mindz is movement, a community growing everyday to unite ideas, music and art aross all boundary lines, locally and globally. Lifted Mindz is call to express yourself, break the norm, put up a middle finger to what brings you down and rise above our greed and negativity to help contribute to a more harmonious home base. Our Goal is to ignite, incite and inspire, and to


We dedicate our lives to making art that challenges the your dreamz and your societiez. We aim to make you feel.

Biogenetically engineered, The Howling Wolfe is a Cyborg sent to our time from the year 3017, a time when all beings are machines specifically made to generate seemingly effortless, obsessively catchy, beautifuly harmonic art. When the cliche's of the year 3017 made the people more and more anxious, Wolfzy sang a melody that ripped a hole in the space time continuum, creating a worm hole that sent him to the present and made him JOE ANDERSON.
-Specialtiez: enjoying the tickling of another mans mustache on his lips

For ages scientists have been on the search for the missing link. the one last step between man and monkey on the evolutionary ladder. A being that not only has the physical strength and agility of a gorilla, but the reasoning and intellect of a human. The fluidity of Nature, and the Passion of a creator. The dayz pass by, scientists continue searching, and ANC!ENT APE, (aka Mike Rimnac) hides right in front of their eyez...
-Specialtiez: Eating bananas, Swinging from tree to tree, Chillin.

Most of Dracula's offspring did not see very long lives. Even fewer made it out of transylvania. One, made it all the way to the Philipines, where he took on human form and learned the wisdom of their people. After getting too drunk, He was forced to flee the country, this time in a slithery form, and made it all the way to MPLS. After making the journey, he once again attained human characteristics, yet kept a sharp, venomous tongue, and is now known as CASEY COFFIN.
-Specialtiez: Sleeping upside down, suspended from the cieling, The Dark Artz

The logos is the part of the human psyche responsible for reason and intellect. The LOGOZ is the human embodiment of this part a genetic freak of nature who grew out of a science experiment gone wrong when scientists tried to seperate the gene for wisdom apart from the rest of the human genome. They discovered the right formula, but when the chemicals got mixed up with a coffee cup, one of the scientists went through intense genetic Mutations and came out as TAYLOR OSTIEN.
-Specialtiez: thinking logically about stuff as his friends fuck themselves up doing the opposite

EVAN SLACK found a copy of logic and an electric guitar on his way out of his mothers womb. He made his first beat later that day, and has been blowing mindz ever since.
Specialtiez: being a prodigy, playing foursquare with the other 5th graderz during recess

-Specialtiez: Saving the fate of the world

These brave soldiers were brought together by fate in the land of Dica by Megatron. Megatron meowed them together and now they are ONE.

We are The makers of art. We are The shakers of asses.


Ramen Chronicles- 5 song EP (2010)
Ask Questionz- 5 song EP (2010)
Abstractionz- 11 song EP (2010)
Always Something Wrong- First single (2010) Radioplay
J Away Feelings- Single (2011)
Knew Anc!entz- 20 song album (2011)

Set List

We adapt to any set. We can set up either with a full live band, 2 guitars, bass, drumset, and 3 vocalists or all the way down to 3-5 vocalists on stage with a DJ as opposed to live instruments.