Lifter formed in 2000. Lifter has a fresh new sound that is sure to please. Drawing on musical influences from such artist as Korn, Godsmack, Pantera, The Deftones, SOiL, Slipknot, and others.

Lifter has honed in a sound that is really their own. We have already distributed over 6000 copies of our Demo around the Midwest area. Lifter wants to change the face of music, and the people that listen to it.

By no means is Lifter your standard three or four piece band, there are seven members, that all play important roles:

Chris Getz: Vocals
Mike Guevara: Drums
Scott Haith: Guitar
Mike Hisel: Vocals
Steve Plewka: Guitar
Lou Rodgers: Bass
Tom Watkins: DJ

As you can see Lifter is very complex and has a lot of depth. Drawing on experience, drive, and determination, Lifter has and will overcome any obstacles that stand between them and their dream.