Liftkind formed in Feb. of 2005 .In May of 2005, guitarist Nathan Morgan met front man Ryan Hughes at a Liftkind show. Shortly after, the original Liftkind broke up. Hughes was then asked to join Nathan's band, which was in need of a bass player. The following months of harships caused mainly because of artistic differences, brought Hughes and Morgan to seek out something fresh. Original members of Liftkind, Josh Clark (drums) and Brent Myers (bass), were approached to give Liftkind one more round. The current Liftkind line-up formed in Fall of 2005. After months of writing new material and sifting through the ashes of the past, Liftkind decided they had enough material to record their debut album, "Beautiful Breaking". This full length, 11 song album was recorded with Miah at The Sound Lair in Knoxville, TN. One thing that astounded the recording engineer/producer was the amount of time taken to record. It only took Liftkind a matter of 8 days of 8 hour sessions to complete their huge sounding album. Liftkind's earth-pounding rhythms, huge guitar riffs and melodic vocal harmonies, have captivated the local Knoxville scene .With a lot of hard work, Liftkind plans to take their music to the national level, by self-financing a tour, and utilizing a number of contacts that they have made. Liftkind's debut album will be on sale at their live shows, or in stores for $10 by the end of the year


"Beautiful Breaking" LP.