Light Chemist

Light Chemist


Light Chemist believes in mixing musicality with pop goodness. They don't care about trends or scenes; they just care about creating songs that blow your head off live and on CD. They believe in connecting with their fans and creating a community around sincerity; not shitty haircuts and egos.


What's every bands dream living situation? How about moving to Los Angeles, getting a house, and then building a professional soundproof recording studio in your backyard so you can record and rehearse at any time of night or day. Well, Light Chemist has done just that. They are currently writing their debut album which will be recorded in early 2008.

"Sounds like: An Indy band with a major commercial sound that doesn't compromise their integrity. Hard to place these guys and that is not a bad thing."

Jeffrey Easton - Skinnie Magazine


Industry 2-song Demo - 2007
Mixed and co-produced by Kevin Churko