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"Record Store Day @ Sonic Boom"

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Sonic Boom had a full day of music last Saturday in participation of Record Store Day. I managed to head over there in time to catch Light Fires (aka Gentleman Reg as Regina) and Zeus who have just released their second set of an ongoing series of Double A-side 7-inches entitled Permanent Scar/The Darkness which you can purchase here. - Sara Collaton Photography

"Together At Last: Gentleman Reg + Ohbijou = Light Fires"

It might just be me, but I don't usually think of Gentleman Reg or any of the members of Ohbijou as pyromaniacs. But apparently I must be mistaken because the former Hidden Cameras man born Reginald Vermue and Ohbijou drummer James Bunton have started a new band called Light Fires.

According to Spinner, the two debuted Light Fires at Pop Montreal this Saturday at the Out Of This Spark showcase. The duo are an electro-pop act that's reportedly a little bit like Handsome Furs.

If you're curious you can hear two tunes — "10 Feet Tall" and "The Better" — on Light Fires' MySpace page. There's no word on whether they have any plans to release an album, EP or single yet. Their MySpace, though, appropriately describes the duo as an act that "will make you feel like you should move."

This apparently wasn't a one-off performance, either. Light Fires will also play the following shows:

Oct. 7 Guelph, ON @ E-Bar
Oct. 26 Hamilton, ON @ TBA
Oct. 28 Toronto, ON @ The Imperial Pub
Nov. 6 Peterborough, ON @ TBA
- Chartattack

"Ohbijou, Gentleman Reg collaboration ‘Light Fires’ play Pop Montreal"

"Do you wanna dance?” Gentleman Reg asked the crowd at the AUX venue during Pop Montreal last night. The packed, sweaty bar was definitely ready to abide as Toronto duo Light Fires, which consists of other member James Bunton (Ohbijou) on keyboards, performed a high paced set that had the crowd dancing from beginning to end.

“We don’t have anything you can buy,” Reg would later say. “We don’t have anything online either so there’s nothing you can steal. All I can give you is my sweat.” The sauna-like venue didn’t seem to care, content to see this newly formed band play some tracks and watch Reg dance and shake the sweat off his forehead.

Light Fires’ infectious music almost makes it impossible to sit still. Bunton handles all the electronic duties while Reg, no stranger to the music scene in and around Toronto, is as much a singer as he is a visual performer, drawing some comparisons to other burgeoning Toronto act Diamond Rings, albeit with a softer voice.

Having no album out yet or nothing online as previously mentioned almost works in the band’s favor. They’ve demonstrated being a solid live act and from here the anticipation only grows to hear them on record. - aux

"Gentleman Reg, Ohbijou Debut New Band Light Fires at Pop Montreal"

For those who think that Toronto acts Gentleman Reg and Ohbijou are just indie pop and orchestra-driven folk acts, respectively, their new collaborative group Light Fires will surprise you.

Light Fires is an electro-dance duo featuring the voice of Reg Vermue (Gentleman Reg) backed by beat-producing sidekick James Bunton (Ohbijou). What may come off as an unlikely venture proves to be something promising.

Saturday night's performance at Pop Montreal was still among one of their first -- they formed earlier this year -- but it's pretty evident by the polished beats and Vermue's comfort with the songs and lyrics that this has been under development for quite some time now. "Thank you for being our first," said Vermue. "And by 'first,' I mean first threesome!"

"Would you like to dance?" Vermue asked the crowd, who was there for the Out Of This Spark Showcase that night, a lineup that saw mostly quieter folk acts such as Forest City Lovers and Evening Hymns. The audience happily complied with Light Fires, transforming the venue into a late-night dance romp. Vermue kept things fun and light onstage, dancing and jumping around while Bunton remained on top of things, isolated by his table of electronic gear.

Each song was brought in by big bass-thumping rhythms, comparable to Handsome Furs but topped with Vermue's sweet melodies, similar to his primary project. Even though the sampled beats weren't particular standouts, repetitive lyrics like chanting "Let's get divorced" over and over again becomes mind-numbingly catchy as all dance songs are.

There's no word yet on any upcoming releases by the new band, but they will be performing sporadically in the upcoming months as Gentleman Reg and Ohbijou are both writing and recording new music.
- Spinner Canada


“10 Feet Tall” 7" single. Soon to be released.



Light Fires is the collaborative creation of Regina, the GentleLady (aka, Gentleman Reg) and James Bunton (of Ohbijou). The band is a colourful and cheeky brand of electro-soul, reminiscent of Hot Chip (though less kitschy than their early stuff) or Hercules and The Love Affair (but less opulent). It is sugary sweet, but anchored by the deep, icy synths of songs like “10 Feet Tall” or the gauzy, down-tempo atmospherics of “The Better”. The Light Fires’ music exudes a playfully coyness and mischievous confidence that is immediately contagious; insidiously creeping into you, and taking over your body until you are dancing ecstatically in the neon lights of some hedonistic den of bodily delights.