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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Feedback from website"


I just wanted to let you know that your music, lyrics and voice are absolutely beautiful! I was up at Kat's over the holidays and she was playing your CD. I told her to be sure to let you know that it was "the bomb". I can't wait to get my copy when it's released. Here's to much success.............
--Stephanie Tiller

Sounds wonderful!!! Can't wait to hear more...
--Kathryn Haber

Very cool. I'm diggin' it.
Good luck.
--Ed Troy

Your lyrics move me,
if you were running
for president you would have my vote. Because you are exactly what our
world needs. You are positive, embody feminine beauty, and spiritual human
--Lavell Merrit

Please let Stephanie know that this sh!t is HOT!!!! WHAT!!! I don't want to imply that I thought it wouldn't be good, but this is a damn fine recording. I must now go and spread the word far and wide - "I have heard Lightfoot and it was good."
--Michelle Byers
- various

"Under the Moonlight with Lightfoot"

Press Review 5/22/04

Moonlight Event with Lightfoot

My wife and I attended Suzy's benefit last Saturday, and we must "Big Up"
Suzy for a job well done. The Reggae band DKGB entertained us throughout the
evening under the stars in Suzy's back yard, along with a young lady who is a
very good "up and coming" singer in this area named "Lightfoot". Lightfoot sang reggae, jazz and neo- soul. In our opinion her neo- soul pieces were great, and
she wrote most of the songs she performed. Look out for "Lightfoot" she is
about to "blow up". Below is a commentary from Suzy-Q who is very appreciative
to all the people that came out and supported her benefit. Suzy-Q and OPEH
Productions have made their debut as a Who's Who in party promotions. So look
out for the next event and bring your friends!

Review for Under the Moonlight on May 22, 2004

The vibes in SouthEast D.C. were somehow transformed into an
eclectic Caribbean ambiance, complete with Reggae rhythms, and spicy ital foods.
The crowd unexpectedly experienced the relaxation that they had been longing for
all week, in the my Backyard (the infamous Suzy Q.)

The music was spun by DJ RastaKid. The live rhythms were played by
D.C's premier reggae band DKGB. This music created the energy just right for
the attractive crowd as they relaxed on blankets, and chairs in the grass.

The crowd got a taste of the neo-soul/reggae sista that we've all
been hearing about. Lightfoot stepped onto the stage and blew her heart out
singing songs from her new album "Reflections of Light". She kept the reggae
vibes alive as she was accompanied by DKGB, and put a new signature on
reggae/neo-soul music.

The cicadas stayed far away from this event, and the people had a night to remember.

- Arious Entertainment Magazine


Producer for "Sequences in life" -artist- Kamaria Sauda

Debut LP entitled "Reflections of Light" 2004


Feeling a bit camera shy


Stephanie Lightfoot has been destined for a life in music since her childhood. She was born to Singer/comedian/songwriter (wrote hit song: Some Kind of Wonderful) Ernie Fields, and was inspired from very early in her life, by the power of music. Her path in life has led her into the depths of community activism, education, social empowerment, motherhood, motivational speaking, grassroots organizer and Peace Corps service. With this experience, combined with the gift of song, Lightfoot has combined her music with her message. She continues her work as an activist and messenger through her lyrical, and vocal creativity.

Lightfoot, began her career at age 6 when she traveled with her father and his show group and learned the fundamentals of stage performance. She continued spending her summers on the road with her father, nurturing her singing and building her confidence as an entertainer until the age of 14. During her High School years, she redirected her talent into singing for school performances, as well as local events. She was a known talent in her hometown Silver Spring, Maryland, and unknowingly had a substantial fan base.

Her passion for giving back to her community, and spreading knowledge and hope, became her purpose in life. She abandoned the hopes of her music teachers, and father and instead pursued a major in Sociology of Urban Politics, and African American Studies at theUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore County. Her education and experience in these areas laid a strong foundation for her later encounters with music and songwriting.

During her rebellious phase, her music became a private memory that she shared with few in her circle of college friends. She was visible as a political activist, voiced her message through poetry, organized large musical and artistic events on campus, and was in the forefront of organizing masses of people for “the cause”. It was during this time, that Lightfoot became aware of her gift of inspiring action, and movement of people.

Jamaica, West Indies, was her assignment in the U.S. Peace Corps. She served two years working with Kingston Jamaica’s inner city communities. She made multiple attempts to cross the cultural lines and inspire the youth, only to be dismayed by the challenge of this assignment. It was this challenge that led her back to the universal language of music. Lightfoot organized large-scale stage shows that raised funds for her programs, and for the building of the Mandela Community Center. She appeared throughout Jamaica performing with such international artists as Third World, Gregory Issac, Jr. Reid, Sizzla, Capalton, and Bounty Killa. She began her experience in studio recording during this time. Lightfoot was seen on Jamaican television, as well as made many radio appearances.

After she returned home from Jamaica, Lightfoot continued educating herself in studio engineering. She began producing and songwriting for artists throughout the D.C. metro area. She continues her work with D.C. and Baltimore’s inner city communities, using music as a vehicle for inspiration and empowerment.

Her belief in mans inherent right to a peaceful existence on this earth, has led to her most inspired endeavor. Her debut album, Reflections of Light, is her appeal to the masses. She has chosen to use her gift of song, as a vehicle for change. Her voice speaks in tone, passion, and truth. She sings from the core of her being, as she is far more than a vocalist, songwriter, and producer, she is a messenger; ready to be heard by all who are ready to listen.