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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Completely Rewriting The Rules Of Electronic Music"

Lightfromadeadstar in my opinion, is the only band around right now who can truly mix electronic music and songwriting succesfully. Most bands that try this combo either have really crappy lyrics with no true feeling, or too much feeling and crappy music. I've had this cd in my player for months now and I never feel like I'm getting tired of it. Adrien McCarthy's singing is tender yet angry at times and he tells stories that truly connect with me. Standout tracks would be the title track (The Missing), so sad yet so pensive and dark, the end, where McCarthy pines "I miss the way, your cigarettes would burn, the stars from the sky...but now they won't return" is brilliance. "Breakaway" is a mover, climbing basslines chugging around some of the finest production I've heard in years, and my absolute favorite, "Eight Million People" is breathtaking. I truly haven't heard a collection of songs that are all so quality, no filler anywhere since my youth when Depeche Mode's Violator came out. I hope this band tours, I hope they break the music scene wide open because lord knows it's time. They have what it takes to really change things, now it's up to you to support it. Buy the cd. - Listener Review

"A Masterpiece"

From start to finish, inside and out, this album is the epitome of tasteful electronic music. Overly erotic, densely structured and filled with lyrical brilliance, The Missing is the CD I've been wanting to hear but has never been delivered by any of todays so called "artists". The disc has almost two personalities, tracks like "Breakaway" and "The Last Time" are filled with layers upon layers of 80's new wave influenced melodies and up tempo rythyms while "Homing Pigeon" and "The Missing" are hypnotic, grinding trip hop tracks with some of the best, most emotional lyrics I've heard in years. Singer Adrien McCarthy has a voice as angelic as it is devious and the use of noise and silence in the music that carries it is breathtaking. I'd also like to note that the bonus track (a remix of From Russia With Love) is amazing. While the original version rocks with tongue in cheek sexual overtones, the remix transforms the track into
an all out erotic trip. Vocoders and breakbeats have never been used this tastefully. I would recommend this album to anyone, rock fans, electronic fans, absolutely anyone, a great, great experience.
- Listener Review


Valotte [Single] - released 2001
The Missing [LP] - released 2004

Tracks from both are currently receiving play on streaming web broadcasts and college radio.


Feeling a bit camera shy


After releasing the cinematic hit single "Valotte" in 2001, songwriter Adrien McCarthy wrote and recorded the soundtrack for the Sundance Award Winning film "The Love Song Of Henry Milk". During those sessions, McCarthy began laying down the groundwork for the first full length Lightfromadeadstar album "The Missing". Balancing intricate songwriting between haunting ambiences and dynamic, often unsettling outbursts of noise, McCarthy's tales of lust, loss and love quickly began turning heads in the electronic/alternative underground. Along with selling out CDs across the web upon its release, the album was featured on the front page of Apple's iTunes Music Store and cracked the top five in electronic album sales for the month of March in 2005.
The desire to perform live led McCarthy to multi-instrumentalist/noise artist David Ley. Ley, with a heavy background in performing, joined the band in 2004 as lead guitarist and sample player. Drummer Ben Phelps, bassist Jason Holt and keyboardist Will McCutcheon followed soon after to complete the lineup. The band's shows have gained much acclaim for their all-live/non-automated performances. Lightfromadeadstar will be performing through the fall in and around the East Coast before a West Coast tour begins after the holidays.