LightHead is an entertaining pop/rock band that performs mostly original material. Their catchy, melodic repertoire is instantly appealing. LightHead is currently available for bookings throughout the Northern New England area.


Sam Anderson has been performing in various local bands since the late 1970's. He took up the guitar at age 10 and began creating original songs shortly thereafter.

After a lengthy musical hiatus, Sam met drummer Tony Palmer in 1990. Tony has been playing drums for over 20 years and has had extensive performing experience.

Sam and Tony worked together on various studio projects throughout the 90's. In 2002 they met singer/songwriter/keyboardist Dan Harris, formally of the band Dreadnaught. Dan's soulful approach to songwriting proved to be the perfect complement to Sam's pop sensibilities. The 2005 addition of bassist Jon Blake, one of Dan's acquaintances, completed the mix.

The band is currently completing their debut CD, scheduled for release in May 2007. Sam has contributed most of the songs, and Dan has served as both sound engineer and producer (Dan also runs a production company called Everpresent Audio). Lighthead looks forward to all opportunities to play out in support of their CD in the coming year.


All The Answers (Album, 2007)