Lightning Boots!

Lightning Boots!


Pumping bass lines, wicked-cool guitar, crazy drums and damn catchy synth. Put these sounds in a room together and you my friends, are in lightning boots country. A light filled 4ft bolt of glory on the stage make this band a must see act.


The band Lightning Boots contain an authentic menagerie of musical ideas. The 4 members each respectively brings a fresh, crisp musical notion to the table. This integrated with their love of Danish cities and an enduring lust for bands such as Interpol, Bombay bicycle club, metronomy and the cure causes a cataclysm of pure musical glamour which they believe is lacking in today's frictionless, humdrum world. Starting from humble beginnings the band grew strongly through their education and started to create songs of good merit. After the recording of long awaited "Hot love ep" a whole new aperture has erupted on the west sussex music scene. As you can see, they got a thesaurus for christmas.


Hot love ep: november 2009

Set List

Back to Belarus
internet and science
slight of hand
weapons down
a fumble with the lights on
Hot Love