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Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF

Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Lightning EyeZ: Quadruple Shot"

Phoenix-based DJ/Producer Lightning EyeZ has spent the last few weeks churning out a whole slew of new remixes and mix tapes, and it’s all we can do to keep up!

We’re posting 3 brand new remixes up below, a long with a new mix tape that EyeZ just finished work on before his set at POWELLAPALOOZA this past weekend.

Get your Moombahton on, via the SoundCloud players below!! Enjoy!
- The Get Downnn

"People dance to Lightning EyeZ"

People dance from behind Lightning Eyez's setup at Sunset Showdown on Roosevelt Street during First Friday on May 7, 2010.
Damien Maloney/Special for the Republic

-Damien Maloney/Special for the Republic - AZ Central

"Happy New Moom"

Yes, Happy New Moom everybody.

Let's kick off 2011 with a selection of Moombahton from the usual suspects, plus some new additions to our knowledge of the Moom! We've got tracks here from Laundrymix, Lightning Eyez, Ckrono, Freqnik and new kid Tigorilla, although I'm sure as a clued up G.G. reader you already know all about Tigorilla!

Actually, they all made it very easy for us, thanks to them all posting their offerings in the Global Ghetto Soundcloud group and if you've got some top drawer floor-fillers then make sure you head over there and add your phatness to the stew. A very Happy New Year from us at G.G. and we hope you have a great year and that all your Moombah, Baile Funk, Juke and Barefoot dreams come true. Peace, outee...
- Global Ghetto

"Global Ghetto: Moomy Dearest!: Lightning EyeZ"

There's not too much I can tell you about Lightning EyeZ.

Except maybe that he's a Psychedelic Jedi, American, a percussionist, is in the Guinness Book of Records for playing shows on all seven continents in eighty days, plays the guitar, bass, piano, ukelele and the digeridoo! L.E. (real name John Adrian Monsoon) is also a DJ. So, a man of many skills!

Here at Global Ghetto we've been following what John's been up to for a while now, so we thought we'd share them vibes with you my friend. Here is a selection of his recent moombahton offerings plus a heavy mixtape, enjoy...
- Global Ghetto

"Global Ghetto: Moomy Dearest!: Lightning EyeZ"

There's not too much I can tell you about Lightning EyeZ.

Except maybe that he's a Psychedelic Jedi, American, a percussionist, is in the Guinness Book of Records for playing shows on all seven continents in eighty days, plays the guitar, bass, piano, ukelele and the digeridoo! L.E. (real name John Adrian Monsoon) is also a DJ. So, a man of many skills!

Here at Global Ghetto we've been following what John's been up to for a while now, so we thought we'd share them vibes with you my friend. Here is a selection of his recent moombahton offerings plus a heavy mixtape, enjoy...
- Global Ghetto

"TRP gets DEEP with Lightning EyeZ! – Interview"

Lightning Eyez stopped by for a conversation and I must say, he is quite the trpy guy, hope you enjoy the interview, Mirza’s design and LE’s tracks – and maybe you’ll learn something about his style of music. Song: Lightning Eyez – Feliz Ano (Original Mix)

Lightning EyeZ is the psychedelic jedi. Lightning-fast dance mashups of all musical genres fused with a message for freedom, and complimented by a touchscreen-enabled & visually electrifying live show.
- From the Soundcloud of Lightning Eyez

WutWudDubDo: Hello! Welcome to TRP. How have you been?
Lightning EyeZ: Aloha TRP, or should Eye say trip? been great, livin’ the dream and doing my best to help others see that they can live out their wildest dreams too – it’s all belief, but the goal is in the journey, so trip trip away!

W: I’ve been following your tracks for a few months now. You write a lot of Moombahton. I had never heard of it before I started listening to your stuff. Could you give a quick explanation of the style for the TRPers that have yet to pop their Moombahton cherry and also let us know what it is about it that grabbed your interest in the first place?

L: Moombahton was channelled through the being known as Dave Nada from Nadastrom. It is basically Dutch house slowed down to near-reggaeton speed and heavily influenced with cumbia, tribal rhythms, and samples from across the genre board. Since it is at a slower 108 bpm, there is more time for the lower frequencies to expand, thus providing more bump. It was then hybridized by Munchi, who had prophesized the return of Moombah for years being an avid reggaeton supporter in a genre that was losing popularity. Munchi added more of a dubstep-heavy to it when he released his remix of Datsik’s “Firepower” – which is definitely the track that took me down the rabbit hole of global-beats. Munchi’s “Summer of Moombahton EP” and David Heartbreak’s “Fall of Moombahton EP”, DJ Melo, Pickster One, Ckrono and Moombahtron among many others made me feel like Eye had finally arrived to the Mad Hatter’s tea party. Eye truly feel that global-beats such as Moombahton, Boombahchero, Kuduro, Mambo, Wildstyle, Dubstep, and Shpongle-esque psytrance are the new genres of interest to an international audience, simply because it has a little variety of everything. People, including myself, love to be exposed to unknown cultures, because ultimately we are a generation of truth seekers. Therefore, Moombahton is the precursor to the human race coming into its own an ascending into the infinite possibility of collective consciousness. This is why Eye love music, because it brings people together. The only other thing that does that peacefully is the Cannabis plant, which happens to go very well with Moombahton too.

W: Your remix of deadmau5 – SOFI Needs a Ladder is BUMPIN’. You switch the beat up a little bit there too! As EDM is evolving it is looking like there are a lot more artists who refuse to restrict themselves to just one style, not only in their music in general, but in every track they do. Why does this help you keep your ideas flowing and do you think there is anything more valuable than artistic freedom?

L: Thanks, Eye appreciate that greatly – it has been one of my favourite tracks to produce, and very stoked on the response. Eye hail from a background in rock and reggae music, playing in various bands similar to Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime with lots of classic rock influence. When Eye converted to the dance music faith it was simply because dancing is the best meditation one can take part in. But the main thing Eye noticed between Rock Music and Dance Music is that Rock has genre-styles that range at all tempos and rhythms, whereas Dance Music has rhythm and tempo based genres and your personal style can range between these. So Eye think it’s really important that artists create songs throughout many different rhythms in their own styles to keep the listeners and the audience guessing. Because if you have ever been to a festival or rave, it gets very tiring dancing to the same tempo and rhythm for more than 30 minutes – variety is good. This is why Eye think Dance Music is progressing. It evolves because we must always be changing. When Eye play live, you will dance to dubstep, you will dance to drumstep/wildstyle, you will dance to house, you will dance to trance (nice rhyme), you will do the moombahton lowdown, the juke shake, the hard shuffle – its super important to hit all those beats so the audience can meditate properly and thoroughly. The only thing more important than artistic freedom is artistic spirituality. The freedom is impossible to understand without this behind it.

W: At any live show, the music really becomes something different when it reacts with the crowd. It almost possesses the audience and infects them with the groove. What have been your favorite experiences with live music?

L: Eye have been attending socio-music based gatherings since Eye was a young Jedi in training. It went punk, ska, reggae, rock, hip hop, rock, hip hop, dance, dance, dance. You see a festival, or a concert as a mini-society. People need shelter, they need energy, they need food, they need water, and they need recreation and all the necessities including a good time and an opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals. This is an opportunity to show people how to live a better, happier, more sustainable life. The audience is seeking truth, not music. Music just makes the truth that much sweeter. But hands down, the best live experiences you will encounter are at festivals such as Burning Man – where Eye had the amazing opportunity to play 7 sets this year, one of which was in the line to get in – just hooked the speakers up to the car and a 3 hour wait with 10,000 of your closest friends seems a bit more manageable. Other great festivals are any of them in Europe, Coachella, Bonnaroo, Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra Music Fest, Lollapalooza and way more than possible to name. This is where you are going to see a much more free-spirited crowd. One of my favourite live experiences was playing at the Powellapalooza Music festival this year with acts such as Pretty Lights, and Del The Funky Homosapien. Fans at that festival were having such a great time, and when Eye played my set it definitely got tribal for a bit, not to mention it’s just better to experience music outside our boxes. These experiences are our unique way of remembering the time when we were one with nature and humanity, and we are remembering and practicing because that time is approaching again.

W: When you find yourself filled with inspiration what do you think is the best way to channel that energy into your creativity without losing any momentum?

L: The best way to channel energy into your creativity without losing momentum is actually the opposite of what you would think. Slowing down and meditating and losing track of time is the best way to see results. Give the universe a chance to inspire you. Also once again Cannabis Hemp makes a perfect companion to this, but it is very important to have a journal, a sound recorder or both to make sure you have all your thoughts. Create now, organize later.

W: What about the opposite? How do you deal with writer’s block?

L: There is no such thing as writer’s block – this is the universe telling you to take some time and absorb more knowledge and new experiences and be open and ready to inspiration at any moment.

W: To get a little off the topic of music specifically, somebody obviously becomes an artist because they have something to say to the world, or they have a burning desire to create something unique. Around what age did you start becoming interested in art? Has that original fascination kind of gone away or is it bigger than ever?

L: Art is the creation. We are creators. We have always been creators, because at one time we were the creation, and now it is our gift to keep evolving the art. Thus, my art is an infinite interest that spans lifetimes. Eye created my life to allow myself to always experience the beauty of artistic expression, and Eye recommend that everyone should set their life’s intention to fit their talents and their goals. The original fascination will forever be turned on with an unlimited supply of energy always powering me to reach greater heights, because the ultimate goal is Christ consciousness for all of humanity, oneness. This is the message that Eye want to communicate through my music.

W: And finally, getting into a little bit of an abstract question. Why do you think music is important in your life? And, how has music affected the way you live your life from day to day?

L: Eye have always been listening to music, even when in the void of the womb my parents would play Beatles, Zeppelin, blues, jazz and classical for me to help me sleep or to wake me up. Music is my life and a life filled with joy, laughter, dancing and constant love creation in every moment is much better than the one being propagated to us through the media. Love and freedom is our birthright, not a commodity sold to the highest bidder of paper and digital credits. We no longer should mine gold for others, yet we must search within to mine the gold of our own souls and find that we are made of the same star dust.

W: Thank you so much for your time. Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re always welcome back at TRP, whether you want to just chill out or if you’ve got something new you want to drop on us

L: Gracias amigos! Aloha! Eye have a new EP coming out in January aptly titled “The TERRARIST” and a full-length album on April 20, 2011 called “A Green Hope”. Look forward to sharing these projects with you, but until then check out my debut original track called “Feliz Año” and a new remix of Denktribe’s “Snow” with a special video visualizer for both tracks. 2011 is the Year that the Indigo Chorus is HEARD! So excited for Earth and humanity. Eyeseeyou.
I had an awesome time getting to know this guy. Here are a couple of the tracks mentioned in the interview. Check back with Lightning EyeZ in the new year! Thanks for reading!

- TRP - True Rep Project

"Winter Moombahton Compilation"

Yeah, the Moombahton winter fest continues with a Winter Compilation by DJ Melo.

I can’t tell you much about it because it does not come accompanied with any notes or a tracklist, which is always helpful for us busy bloggers. Plus I ain’t had time to listen to it.

However, it contains over 28 blistering Moombahton tracks, no surprises if you follow my blog posts on Moombahton but it’s great to have them all packaged together like this.

Featuring the usual suspects, Munchi, Heartbreak, Obeyah, Sabo, Jon Kwest, Sabbo and others.

Grab it, cause it’s HOT!


Thanks 2 Max for the Tracklist:


Part 1
01 Mastiksoul – El Macho (Ben Tactic Moombahton Edit)
02 Peter Bucci, Samim – Hay Consuelo (Obeyah edit)
03 JWLS – Move
04 Mescal Kid, Ms Thing – Majic (Moombahton Smutlee edit)
05 Dj Melo – Song For My Children (radio edit)
06 DJ MADD OD – Que Calor Moombahton
07 Lightning Eyez – Feliz Año (Original Mix)
08 Lee Mortimer & Laidback Luke – Blau (Jimi Needles Moombahcore Blowup)
09 Sabbo – Newtone
10 David Heartbreak – Chavvi (BOYFRIEND Remix)
11 Jera – Get Back
12 Uncle Jesse – Small Change
13 Classixx – Get You (Cam Jus Moombahton Edit)
14 Chuckie & Hardwell – Move it 2 the Drum (Dj Groovematic Moombahton Edit)
15. Panteros666 – Kegstand (Max le Daron Moombahcore Cumbahcore refix)

Part 2

01 Laylo & Bushwacka – Next Level (Sabo’s MoombahDeep Edit)
02 Doctor P – Big Boss (Cam Jus Moombahton Remix)
03 Jon Kwest – Run Di Track
04 DJ Melo – Fr33kytona
05 Chase & Status – Eastern Jam (Moombahtron Moombahcore Remix
06 Munchi – Pun Aint Dead
07 2 in A Room – Wiggle it (Stereo. 77 Ricanstruction)
08 Oliver $ feat Deize Tigrona – Toca Pra Mim (Sabo & Dave Nada Moombahton Refix)
09 Dj Dice – At The Club
10 Heartbreak – Arieto
11 Oliver Twizt – Gangsterdam (Melo Moombahton Edit)
12 Mathew Wilder – Break My Stride (Doc Adam Moombahton Edit)
13 Sonora – Respire
14 Torro Torro – Knockin Boots (Billfold’s fr33ky Moombahton Edit)
- Generation Bass

"Transitional Trackfest Part 2"

"Really xcellent stuff here by this dude based in the U S of A." - DJ UMB - Generation Bass


For Complete Discography please refer to the Lightning EyeZ Soundcloud Account:

EP Preview Mini Mix:

Moombahton Mini Mix:

Club Promo Mix:



under "Booking" section

“... Dutch house lazers, mixed with the womps & wobbles of dubstep, blended with a variety of psychedelic tribal dance floor-driven rhythms & melodies, all smashed up with modern & classic pop, hip hop, rock & reggae samples ... coupled with an electrifying live show that progressively takes the audience on a journey through all musical genres.”

-First show attracted 300+ attendees from street traf?c only (shown in photo above) on April 2, 2010
-Produced 4 mainstay dance nights in Phoenix, one of which was in his private loft in downtown Tempe
-Debut public mashup release “King of Beauty” received blog attention and over 2,000 plays in less than two days time
-Produced music for a Hollywood commercial concerning an event at the legendary Troubadour music venue
-Headlined a 1,000 person event in June, 2010
-Successfully booked and opened for Bassnectar’s co-producer, iLL.Gates at Monsoon-produced EP release party
-Playing 3 Live sets & 3 DJ sets at Burning Man 2010 re:BIRTH Village and got invited to play Bass Camp in 2011.
-Debut music festival performance at Powellapalooza supporting Pretty Lights, iLL.Gates, Del the Funky Homosapien, also feat. Zion I, VibeSquad, Ishe and many more in September 2010
-Produced Of?cial Powellapalooza “Roadtrip” mixtape
-Moved to Denver, Colorado in November 2010 to pursue his music career full-time
-World-wide Blog attention and over 50,000 plays online by December 2010
-Second EP to be released in January 2011
-Of?cial releases on Beatport in January 2011
-Debut Full-length LP to be released on April 20, 2011

John Monsoon aka Lightning EyeZ

Lightning EyeZ is a Denver, Colorado-based, multi-faceted music, performance, fashion, arts, and lifestyle project iconized in the creative talent of John Monsoon.

John has been playing and listening to music his entire life - and after 16 years of dedicated percussion experience, 8 years of guitar, and several years of experimentation on a variety of other instruments such as bass, didgeridoo, ukulele, and piano he has compiled all his musical talent into producing the very best dance music the scene has to offer. Coupled together with an extraordinary live performance, drawing from over 14 years of onstage experience, Lightning EyeZ creates a unique setting for the audience to give in to the melodies and find their collective heart beat in the rhythms.

John is incredibly influenced by the music of the Woodstock generation, given its amazing ability to inspire the masses with messages of freedom, peace, love and sustainability - a message that is still relevant today. He was born & raised in Phoenix, Arizona and has a deep appreciation for Native American music, in addition to tribal rhythms from all over the world.

He is inspired by the action sport lifestyle, being heavily involved with wakeboarding, snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding culture. Most of the music he listened to early on in his journey came from various action videos for these respective sports. This also firmly established his love for the natural environment of the Earth. John founded the WakeDevils Wakeboard Team at Arizona State University, where he received his Bachelors degree along with a PhD in socializing. This led to a whole new network of musicians, and fans.

After being an integral part of numerous bands, John decided to pursue a solo music career post-graduation. Unsure where to start with such a diverse musical taste, he began to attend a variety of music festivals in the summer of 2006.

Since then, he has experienced over 100 different international music festivals. At the 2009 Coachella Music & Arts Festival in Indio, California he discovered the emerging dance music culture at the Sahara Tent & Dome afterparties. When the Dome shut down early on the last night of the festival, he started a massive campground party with just his voice and a borrowed guitar. The guitar was out of tune from sun exposure, but somehow the notes of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song” rang clear through the campgrounds. This resulted in a nearly “tribal” gathering of brothers & sisters from a larger human family.

During this experience, John had a vision of a giant eye looking back at him. One might say that this is the all-seeing-eye, but he clarifies that it was benevolent in all ways. When he looked more closely into the meditation, he saw a lightning storm raging within the pupil. This was the birth of Lightning EyeZ.

When he returned home to his loft in downtown Tempe, an endless conquest for the world’s best dance music began.
Although he was already listening to artists like Daft Punk, Tiesto, Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim and The Prodigy - a whole new world of music opened to him through the freedom of the internet. Modern artists such as Bassnectar, Girl Ta