Lights is a psychedelicweird wonderland...climb aboard and sail away with us.


Two female vocalists share lead singing duties with intricate harmonies and loud parts. Booming cave man drums, tambourine, psych-prog influenced guitar and occapella chanting sequences create a sparse yet melodic sound. Lyrics are abstract, highly visual and darkly optimistic. Influenced by Led Zeppelin, The Slits, The Raincoats, The Byrds, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Os Mutantes, Soft Machine, Mamas and the Papas, Kevin Ayers, Young Marble Giants, Black Sabbath, Duncan Browne, Gram Parsons, Lucifer Rising and Wicker Man Soundtracks.


We'll Climb to Another Time

Written By: Sophia Knapp

I know, I know that you need some time. Just a little more time to open your blinds, oh.

Chorus:We'll climb to another time.
We shun the dark streets, we jumpe from our feet, oh.

You climb, you climb symmetrical motion. You climb me like a ladder into the deep green ocean, la la.


Finding ourselves nestled in the woods,
just a little more time I knew that we could, oh.

Here We Go

Written By: Linnea Vedder

Take the Ribbon, take my hand.
We will soon leave this land.
Here we go.

Round and Round, to and Fro. Watch and we will make it grow. Here we go.

One strong, two strong, three strong, five.
Bound together strength will thrive.
Here we go.

Lavender Smoke

Written By: Sophia Knapp

I see lavender smoke.
Even in the darkest hour
I can see shadows of light.
Fight the night.


Self Released 7" record coming out in August. Mp3's available on

Set List

We generally play seven to ten songs. Here We Go, Little One, Lavender Smoke, Boat that Won't Come Back, We Belong, Warriors of the Skyline, Weary Traveller, The Long Ride, Evenmore, We'll Climb to Another Time.