Lights at Sea

Lights at Sea

 Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

As owner one of the largest, longest running all ages venue in the country,
very few stars shine through the noisy haze of independent music. Lights
At Sea shines like the sun at midnight, a dark, ethereal wall of sound
breaking through the noise of thousands of bands competing for our

Lights At Sea have shared the stage with groundbreaking and influential
bands the likes of Russian Circles, Junius, Constants, Caspian, and
Giants. They are right at home.

Mark \"mir


Lights at Sea formed in February 2007. They are a 4 piece group based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan who play intense, dramatic, and heavy instrumental rock.

The new album is being released November 27, 2010 on Barrett Records and Mind Over Matter Records.


Self Titled Debut Ep "Lights at Sea"
released October 2nd 2008.
Available on iTunes digitally and in hard copy from

"Palace Walls"
released November 27th 2010
Available on iTunes digitally and in hard copy from