Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, USA

With our music, we strive to open up a window in our listeners hearts. By doing this the light is allowed to shine in and permits the audience to determine what they will do with it.


Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the EPK of your favorite new band, LightsCameraAction! This is Kenny Katharsis (keyboard deviant) with a brief history of the band.

In 2008, Paul James was wailing his lungs out as the singer of a local Milwaukee Post-Hardcore band. I (Kenny) was but an awkward and confused young freshman. Our paths crossed for the first time at the local Southridge Mall, where I was the suspect of giving Paul and his girlfriend dirty looks. Having no memory of the event, I walked into the Rave stoked to be seeing some of my favorite bands on the "Take Action! Tour." On the side stages was Paul's band rocking out and to show appreciation after the set, I complimented his abilities. His reply to me was, "Hey! You're that one chick that was staring me and my girlfriend down at the mall!" After the whole, "surprise! I'm a dude!" scenario was over, I explained how the whole event was unintentional. After running into each other at several shows in the weeks following, we developed a strong and heartfelt friendship. All sentimental crap aside, he left the band to pursue a solo career about a month later. Approximately one and a half years into his project, I bought my very first keyboard and learned how to play. One day, he told me to come over and the seeds of greatness were sown.

LightsCameraAction!, backed by a live band, played our first shows and things started going well for the two of us. Our debut album, "The Paul James EP" was released in June 2009 and is sold in Hot Topic locations for only $4.99! Catch us live, we'll be touring the United States this summer on the "Summer Blockbuster Tour 2010." Come party with us! As always-love, Kenny ("More Fun") Katharsis


The Paul James EP 2009 (Sold at Hot Topic and Digitally Online)

Tomorrow, today will be yesterday. 2010 (future release)

Set List

We do a 30-45 minute set, sometimes we may throw in one cover but we stick with originals.