Lights is a rock band from Boston with a high-energy live show that matches their dynamic, verse-less, chorus-less songs. They like to make big noises, shake their bodies, and force feed their unsuspecting victims spatulas caked with rock.


Lights is a four-piece rock band from Boston, Massachusetts. Their music is some of the most dynamic, loud, beautiful, eerie, fun, not-so-fun, jolly ol’, lemon-sucking, ambidextrous music ever created. After recording an EP in 2004, Lights is working hard promoting their own personal Chinese Democracy, 2007’s 9-song disc, GET LIT - - and are also at work performing live in the north-eastern US and writing songs for a Quintuple-disc album, which will contain no verses, choruses, or bridges, but the occasional coda. Their songs are simultaneously pop-song-form-less, but will enjoy radio play from the world's leading Rock, Top 40, Country, and R&B radio stations. Their music is destined to overtake your body, mind, and soul. Please, don't fight it.
Thank you.


Lights Get Lit (Released April 24, 2007) 9 Songs.
Lights EP (Released January 19, 2004) 5 Songs.

Set List

All original songs. Constantly writing new material, and in live settings are not shy about having a tasteful jam during or between songs.

Typically play 35-45 minute sets of 7-8 songs.

List of 31 current songs:
Without Switches
Are You Sleeping?
A Credo
New Asia
Ghost of Friend Hunam
Lucky Stars
The Bible Broke
The Broken Bible
The Bible Boat
The Trilogy (incl. The It Magnet, The Begginning, Garbage Face)
What A Little Bundle Of Reflexes
Mountains Of Sound
Get Shit
Get Lit
I Think You're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat
Big Bad Little One
New Tra$h
Old Tra$h
Slow Tra$h
Hello Roy
Who Came To Get Down?
You're On Your Own Charlie Brown!
New Trinity
New Song (1/2 + 1/2)
Nobody Really Wants To See Me Try
Song With 2 Drummers
I Should Know