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"Members of the local pop-punk outfit don't mind if you see em' sweat"

Lights of Autumn bandmates Lauren Ciarpelli and Darren Shelton love getting sweaty together.

During live sets, the singer from Greece and the guitarist from Pittsford take turns rubbing their perspiration on each other to see who'll get grossed out the fastest.

The playful stunt between the two 20-year-olds is just one of several the band uses during performances, along with wearing matching short-shorts or taking the stage in athletic apparel while Olivia Newton-John's "Physical" plays.

Explains 19-year-old bassist Danielle LeBeau of Irondequoit: "A lot of bands go out onstage saying, 'OK, we have 30 minutes. Let's cram as much as we can into it.' We like to have fun and goof around."

LeBeau came up with the idea to start an atmospheric, technically driven pop-punk band last September. And she envisioned her close friend Ciarpelli as the lead singer, even though Ciarpelli had never sung in a band or had any vocal training.

"Driving around in cars together and singing, I could tell she at least had a sense of pitch and melody," LeBeau says. "When we threw her into the situation (of singing with the band), I was like, 'Whoa. She really can sing!'"

Ciarpelli's voice is reminiscent of Haley Williams' (Paramore), though less sharp and slightly more harmonic, and it drives the band's attention-grabbing first single, "Anything." Ciarpelli also wrote the breakup song, which is based on a personal experience.

Her quirky charm is a good fit for the group — which also features drummer Andrew Collister, 21, of Charlotte and guitarist Chris Manzella, 17, of Mendon — because, despite plans to record and release an EP before the end of the year, Lights of Autumn doesn't take itself too seriously.

"We're a pretty silly group of people," LeBeau says. "We just try to have as much fun as possible."
- Rochester Insider

"New local band 'Lights' up Montage"

Paramore? Close, but try again.

This female and male quintet is far from just another co-ed cluster with up-tempo tunes.

The season of most change is exactly what Lights of Autumn embodies with their amplified energy before hitting the stage and high spirit sound when on it. Though they have only been together for seven months, with a stroke of luck from Craigslist, as bass player Danielle LeBeau puts it, this pop-rock group takes the stage as a family.

With a recent performance at Montage Music Hall, the atmosphere seemed to mesh well with their attitude.
Having fun is what this band puts out and expects the same from the audience.

Their single "Anything" was a crowd pleaser as heads nodded and feet parted ways with the floor.

All smiles while setting up and a mellow stance before playing, a sense of excitement bounces off. Lights of Autumn takes a personal approach in their all original songs that usually start from a simple guitar riff and a web of thoughts.

"When I write lyrics, I've either been there or gone through situations that I'd rather write down more than anything," lead vocalist Lauren Ciarpelli said.

"It just makes more sense to write from the heart because people are more able to connect," LeBeau said.

The band members find that thier common goal is to create fans, and pave their way to a successful future together.

"We want people to get chills when they listen," drummer Andy Collister. said "I define music as a connection to my soul.
"Without it I don't think I could live."

But just as every local band, hardships are never too far.

"Shows are very cliquey," LaBeau said, explaining how people will show up for just one band and leave right after.

They have seen the support of bands change over time and unite even less. However, they stay true to their music even despite the constant comparisons to groups like The Donnas and Flyleaf.

"It's like a compliment, but we want to have our own originality," Collister said.

The band feels that most people still aren't used to seeing females in a band.

"We don't get negativity, but more of a shock value," LeBeau said.

Experimental music is what they do best with the incorporations of sound effects and influences from different genres.

In their words, "It's all over the board."

How do they describe their music? Silly, upbeat and epic. But as guitar players Darren Shelton and Chris Manzella put it; they're the musical equivalent of Rockstar (the energy drink).

Currently, Lights of Autumn is working on a CD with Brian Moore at Red Booth Recording and hopes to have an EP out this coming year in 2009.

You can find more on Lights of Autumn by visiting their MySpace profile at or at - St. John Fisher Cardinal Courier


"Anything" Recorded at Red Booth Recording in Medina, NY. To be released on the forthcoming EP due out in early 09'
"Anything" can be heard at our personal myspace and is receiving some airplay via local radio stations.
"Rethink" Recorded @ Red Booth Recording in Medina, NY. To be released on the forthcoming EP due out early 09'. Song is receiving airplay on local radio stations.
"What It Was" Recorded @ Red Booth Recording in Medina, NY. To be released on the forthcoming EP due out early 09'. Song is receiving airplay on local stations.



Autumn is known as a time of change. Constantly practicing, performing, writing, improving, challenging expectations – Lights of Autumn certainly lives up to that allegory. LOA’s contagious enthusiasm, undeniable talent, and electrifying live set have caught industry attention and earned the band a spot on Rochester’s prestigious Holiday Havoc show in December. The band has also played shows with national acts like Bedlight For Blue Eyes (Trustkill), The High Court (I Surrender), and I Am The Avalanche (Drive Thru).

The magnetic energy of lead singer Lauren Ciarpelli is the power behind the band’s showmanship. With sincerity of emotion, the 20-year-old Greece native delivers expressive lyrics, backed by an uplifting pop-punk noise.

“I was a band geek in elementary school, then I started to go to shows when I was 13 and I really loved the music scene. I knew right away that I wanted to be a part of this – and now I am,” Ciarpelli said.

Ciarpelli formed the band in January 2008 with 20-year-old bassist Danielle LeBeau. Drummer Andrew Collister, 22, and guitarist Darren Shelton, 20, were brought on in late January 2008. Shortly after, Chris Manzella, 17, completed the set-up in February 2008.

LOA released its first single on Myspace in June 2008. “Anything” debuted the band’s signature sound. With just their first single, the musicians stood out to THE DRIVE DJ Michael Gately, who personally invited the band on his show. “They have an amazing sound and great energy. They have their own individual personalities, and when brought together, they are a force to be reckoned with. Unless you've got something against great music - you need to listen to LOA,” Gately said.

Blending elements of pop-punk, rock, and metal, Lights of Autumn delivers a style that is too bold to be Paramore, too happy to be Flyleaf, and unpredictably interspersed with technical guitar riffs and brilliantly executed breakdowns. The message is clear: We’re here to rock out.

That message, along with an honest, chill, “we’re just doing what we love” attitude resonates with audiences. With two girls in one band, LOA gender-bends the typical punk group. With a diverse set of members, the artists share different life experiences, cultivating relatable verses. With an energetic live set, LOA offers a spontaneous, no-holds-bar performance that includes songs that haven’t been recorded yet – including a piano solo by Ciarpelli that reveals a slightly softer side to LOA. Lights of Autumn epitomizes originality, raw talent, and potential.

Stars fade and seasons change – but Autumn is here to stay