Lights on at Heathrow

Lights on at Heathrow

 Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

Lights on at Heathrow is a Melbourne based, four piece indie rock band who draw upon a range of punk, country and blues influences (Hey, it's the same three chords. It's just how you play them that makes the difference!).


Lights on at Heathrow began when another band ended....Daily Waters was a highly in demand band before their untimely demise in 2008. For Alex and Chris (Black) this demise left them with some unresolved issues, issues that then led to new songs and an altogether new band. As Chris (McLeay) joined on bass, the lineup was almost complete. Having then played as a three peice for a brief period, we began flirting very promiscuosly with several other drummers. It was at this point that we found Kiwi Todd, the final piece who finished us off.

Despite having a vast difference in opinion when it comes to musical taste, Lights on at Heathrow make music that is raw and exciting to listen to. Our sound is difficult to pigeon hole, but upon listening to it people will hear shades of all of our musical influences, and overwhelmingly hear how much we enjoy producing music and performing it for other people.


EP - Lights on at Heathrow
Single - First Day