Los Angeles, California, USA
BandRockNew Age

heavy ambient space rock


We are a Los Angeles based rock band....


“Light System is a band from Los Angeles, California. There is never a month that goes by when I am not contacted from a band whose residence is somewhere in California. There are many clichés—preconceptions, even—about what the typical band from California should sound like, but I don’t think that Light System strays in to these preconceptions with excessive regularity. They sound almost like the Foo Fighters at times, and whatever it is that Danny, John, and Robert get up to when they jam, the product is impressive rock music—accomplished, dynamic, and dramatic—you can’t miss the spoken word during We Will Forget. It’s angry, without the music reciprocating in the anger. This is music about today and about the future, and all the concerns. Another positive aspect about this music is its lack of pretension or genre affiliation, Light System has a minimalistic sound in a big, powerful way. There is purity to Danny Byrne’s voice that underlies the sincerity behind this music. Indeed, the band’s influences are ominously listed as ‘The Influential’. Nevertheless, Light System deserves praise for a refusal to be brash or stereotypical; in fact, they should be applauded for their warm, if somewhat sad rock songs. This is a band with lots of great dynamics, and as a fan of the rock three-piece, I duly recommend them to those of you who want to kick back and think about what is going on in the world.”

-Sam @


- lightsystem EP (2010)
- debut full length album (Summer 2012)

Set List

always changing.....